Friday, 20 January 2012

Bird Flu Away

Scientists who created a more deadly strain of bird flu have temporarily stopped their research amid fears it could be used by bio-terrorists.

Old Knudsen was reading this story on the line about how US scientists developed a more deadly strain of bird flu .......... poor wee birdies as if they don't sneeze enough.

Experts are ascared a mutant form of the virus could spark a pandemic worse than the 1918-1919 Spanish flu outbreak that killed 40 million people.  How did this idea cum about?

So yer a Yank scientist, yer Star Trek alarm clock goes off and you lie there in bed about to start a new day. "what will I do today?" you ask yerself glancing over to yer poster of Hayden Pantyline with yer hand reaching lower to yer morning phwoarr stick.

                                Old Knudsen would shag her but he wouldn't thank her for it.

"I know, I'll cure cancer, no I'd better start off slowly curing cancer might be a tricky one" thinking away as you slap slap slap yer mother's pride. "I'll cure bird flu, cheerleader bent over oh the firm tanned buttocks and wobbling titties .......... Jaj yIra" you moan in klingon. At least you can pee now and expect the majority of it to hit the bog.

"Better yet" you think as you wipe off yer issue using a nearby sock, "I'll make the H5N1 flu virus even more deadly".

What the fcuk? bird flu is deadly to humans but it cannot be passed from human to human ..... why would you make it so that it could be? Also how do you get paid to cum up with this shit?

Old Knudsen isn't very concerned that some raghead terrorist will get his hands on a cup full of new improved bird flu because...

If you start any trouble Abdul , Marky Mark will fcuk you up!

Really people wise up and use yer smarts for smart things. Old Knudsen nearly died of man flu around Christmas time so why don't you cure that? whats that? oh curing things isn't cool or edgy enough we gotta soup it up. Guard dogs are alright but wouldn't they be fcuking awesome with laser beam eyes and steel claws? 
Sharks with human arms grafted on so they can pull you by the leg off yer boat......... I see a screen play for a Syfy channel movie formulating in Old Knudsen's head............'Armed to the teeth' starring Stephen Baldwin.

In this crazy world its hard not to have the mantra WTF?


savannah said...

yeah, ain't that the truth, sugar? wtf have you been anyway? ;~) xoxox

Reggie said...

Dude you do realize that all of us Americans don't jerk off......right?!?