Thursday, 15 December 2011

Upright Postion

 Old Knudsen has been an upholder of chivalry all his life, protecting the weak which is pretty much all of yous, standing up for truth even though it may not be wanted or is not an easy or popular choice, holding doors open for weemen ............... even though many weemen walk through and give Old Knudsen a sneer as if he had just insulted all of weemen kind but fcuk ye cos I'd open it for anyone cos I've got fcuking manners.................. except for blind people as I do laugh as they bounce off a door they think is open, ach ya can take being old fashioned too far and I'm sure the blind folk see the funny side, well not see it but I'm sure they can feel or smell it or something.

Old Knudsen defends minorities too and that includes Chicks with dicks. God made them so I'm no gonna argue with the big lad as he has a right nasty side.

Its good to see Gurlyboys doing well. PC air which is an airline operating out of Bankok's Suvarnabhumi airport hired 4 transsexual flight attendants.

Has the world gone PC? lets hope so. Just think a flight attendant that can offer you the 'full' range and no just tae, coffee and a continental breakfast ................ does anyone actually like those things?  now ya can get tae, coffee and a firm throbbing cock attached to a hot woman.

Some blokes may not find that very appealing ............... thats cos yer ghey, you'd have to be to not like this.

Chicks with dicks hardly ever get pregnant and are spared the curse of period pain because it was not them who tempted Adam with yon forbidden apple in the garden of Eden and they are also quite strong....... don't forget the being hot part which makes them a perfect employee.

Ya don't have to be psychic to see that a lot of air travel is in Old Knudsen's future.


BBC said...

Transsexuals are just plain fucked up mind warps, any I've ran into are anyway.

Reggie said...

Trannys again Old Knudsen?!? I don't know what to say. One would think that once a decade would be enough.