Thursday, 1 December 2011

Smash The Greenhooses Of Death

Old Knudsen is pissed off on numerous accounts today. I'm sure yer all keeping up to date with the exciting Durban climate conference to talk about the Kyoto Protocol as set you by the Shadow proclamation. Canada is in violation of article 15 citing that if China doesn't play then they won't either.
Ach its a load of old bitter balls and if you notice Old Knudsen wasn't there probably due to the sausage roll incident of 97. All I can say is that it took 2 nukes before the Japs surrendered which says it all and if they don't want to talk about then its up to people like me to remind them so hold a sausage roll grudge if ya like and if ya noticed I did hold 14 up there like I said though walking with them was difficult.

So anyway me invite must have gotten lost yet again, its tough when you get yer mail through dead drops. Oh and anyone in the Los Alamos area, if ya find a hollowed out rock full of stuff about the secret underground Dulce base please let me know. You'd think they would make those rocks easier to find for fcuks sake I mean they look like fcuking rocks what the fcuk? for legals reasons Old Knudsen is forbidden to say fuck, fucking, fucker, fucked or any other combination using the word fuck in that order or he'd be fucked.

If I was at the meeting I'd take a big pull on me fag (Old Knudsen probably means cigarette but you never know with him) I'd blow me smoke towards Norway as they are smug cnuts at the best of times and I'd say. "I'll rid ye of yer greenhoose gases" I mean if that is their biggest problem then wise the fcuk up.

Now Old Knudsen doesn't like to incite folks to riot ......... he doesn't like it but he'll do it if he is bored. I'll tell Kyoto and his bug eyed monkey to bomb Holland as they have thousands of fcuking greenhooses. Like duh!

Do we really need Holland anyway?

Then take it to the streets and brick any greenhoose you see. Its no about riots its about the planet!

I suppose it will be another brilliant yet obvious idea of mine that gets ignored just like the giant ice cube making machines at the mouths of rivers to cool the sea and the planet doon.

How stupid do they think people are? Its a retorical question as people are as thick as pig's shit and anyone in the media knows this.

Ever hear of the city of Londonderry, Derry or as I like to call it "Rape toon Norn Iron"? It won the title of "City of culture" a while back and you know what? when I think about Londonderry the first thing that cums to mind is not culture, its "Why the fcuk would I go there?" If Old Knudsen wanted to be raped he'd go to Zimbabwe as there are gangs of weemen raping men to use their sperm in magic rites ...... how gey do ya have to be to go to the police and complain about weemen wanting yer sperm? any port in a storm says I and don't be so picky who the fcuk are you the Queen of England?

Well Glasgow or "stab city" as it may be known has won the title as the safest city in the UK, this was by the Mercer quality of living survey who probably was too ascared to go to the rough areas to ask people like slasher McGee how safe does he think his victims are.

Baghdad came last by the way just after Bangui in the Central African Republic which s a lovely place. I wonder if they only did a survey on soldiers serving in Iraq or just those living in shelled out ruins after a drone destroyed their party..... that questionnaire must have been awkward. "I know you just buried yer bride but how safe on a 1 - 10 scale do you feel personally?"

Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa did well all getting ranked the same at a high but very boring and polite level........... god I just got sooo bored reading those names.

Ach who cares about the rest? I wanna see Detroit win the 'Shopping capital of the US' or 'Top city of industry' awards to try to trick people into going there like they are trying with Derry and Glasgow.

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Reggie said...

Nice insightful post.....and that's a new one for you.