Sunday, 11 December 2011

Here Cums Santy

So anyhoo I was just talking to my mate Yuri who is an agent in yon FSB, as you can imagine hes busy in Moscow with all the protests and thing well he took a break from picking out volunteers to work on the Trans- Siberian railway to tell me what he is getting his wife for Christmas.

Lucky missus Yuri is getting an open marriage for Christmas and is having a threesome. What a thoughtful present thought I and the best thing is that its going to be a total surprise for her, those Russians can sure teach us a few things about marriage.

Yuri has his mind set on Gurl gurl boy and maybe boy boy gurl for her birthday. Old Knudsen may very well treat himself this year to some naughty fun but what way to choose?

Boy boy gurl sure looks like fun but seeing another bloke having sex the same time as you and maybe brushing up against him the odd time well seems a bit ghey. Not that there is anything wrong with that but when Old Knudsen makes love to a woman 20 ways from Sunday he does not want to see some hairy guy looking at his willy.

Now gurl gurl boy is like being hungry and shown a table of dishes to choose from, once you start one thing ya see something else you want but yer all full and no longer hungry......... ach well it is for me.   

Live is short so why take yer time at sex? once I'm done I say to the ladies "so what do we do now I still have the rest of the hour booked?"

"Do you want to watch us make out?"  

Nah the History channel has a show on about Hitler but you two go ahead just as long as ya keep the noise doon.



MJ said...

You've gone blue in the face.

BBC said...


Reggie said...

Just like Santa I'm willing to bet that you only cum once a year Old Knudsen.

Fuck Christmas!!!