Thursday, 8 December 2011


The 27 leaders of the Eurozone have walked into an ingenious trap set by Germany as they attended an EU party in Brussels .
David Cameron the Prime minister of Very Great Britain took a head shot at point blank range from an operative of German special forces the KSK. The German chancellor Angela Merkel was seen to punch the air in triumph as Germany a two time loser of world wars hopes to some day become less of a loser by winning a war..... any war.

The last two world wars started during a time of global recession with extremely high gold prices and a strong Germany so why would this time be any different? 

The traditional march into Poland has already begun and time to save money France has volunteered to invade itself.

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg said moments ago from outside of number 10 Downing Street (he isn't allowed inside) "I told him not to go but every time I say something he does the opposite, why will no one listen to me?"  then a police officer moved him on.

US President Barry Obama met with top advisers to discuss the situation.

President Obama made the position of America clear and said that it wasn't their war, maybe in a few more years so not his problem as he'll be doing after dinner speeches and writing his memoirs then. The President did say that he had hope and a pocket full of change. 

 Michelle Obama is said to be under the influence of a sinister frog named 'Rasputin'. 

Don't worry folks Old Knudsen has seen wars cum and wars go. It will all be over for Christmas. Now Old Knudsen just has to figure out who the winner will be. Will Germany get third time lucky? Choosing sides this time will be a little tricky and China will probably cum in at the end and kill us all.

What do you get a China man for Christmas who has everything?


k said...

"The traditional march into Poland has already begun and time to save money France has volunteered to invade itself." = Brilliant

Oh Old Knudson how very much I missed you. I was afraid your people had beaten you to death upon your ignominious return to your homeland. Gratifying to find they have instead embraced you or that you have managed to fly under their radar so far.

Discovering that you are writing again has made my holiday season much brighter. Are you the baby Jesus?

Reggie said...

Well I hope you're not expecting us to bail you guys out again. Next time we'll let the Germans have France. Maybe if they do invade the Frenchies will at least smell better.

Tuesday Kid said...

Glad to hear you're on the front lines mate.

Anonymous said...

"Great" Britain is a small island somewhere outside of Europe in the cold Northern Sea, partly stuck in the 17th century. Mr. Cameron does all the wrong things at the right time. Do what you want, but do not expect the EU to help you in any way out when your next riots develop in a civil war and you finally start to starve.