Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Alien Bases On The Moon

 We're waiting for it to air out. Knudsen thought it was a porta potty again.

Paul Davies and Robert Wagner of Arizona State University are lazy over educated shites! They can't be arsed so they want people to volunteer and go through the NASA pics from the Luna reconnaissance orbiter (LRO) and look fer alien life signs left on the moon.

Never mind that, NASA sends all pics with anything of interest on them straight to the NSA who then sends them to the NA.

If you all remember, the moon landing was on the 11th July 1969 well the one you civvies remember was on the 20th. Old Knudsen has nothing to fear telling you this as he is in the UK, what is the US going to do? snatch and grab him in the middle of the night and take him to a secret torture base? heh heh heh ....... what was that noise? nope just me, better out than in I say.

Coverage of the moon landing was interrupted for a couple of minutes saying that one of their cameras had over heated. Radio hams listening in still heard the banter to the astronauts. Armstrong: "fcuk lad there are other space craft up here" Aldrin: "Aye what he said" ............. Old Knudsen is paraphrasing.

Armstrong: "we must tell the world!" Aldrin " fcuk yeah like dude" NASA: "negative yous say nothing or we'll cut yer family" NASA marketing: "thats affirmative we must send in the Stormbringer to see if we can make money from this, I'm thinking action figures or maybe an X-box game ......... whatever that is".   

The space ships flew off when the pair started to play golf fcuking boring, but they got some lovely film of them, not that you'll ever see it.

Putting a post hypnotic suggestion of alien artifacts out there means that some cunt will see a face on the moon, lets hope its the right face and no looking at me dark backside.

Apart from huge transforming robots there is noting of interest on the moon so don't bother looking.

Ok I tried. There are the space amazons whose only wish is to collect man jizz and lots of it with seduction and rhythmic slapping of their firm shapely body parts.

Those poor unfortunate bastards from Apollo 11-a which as you don't know was the other moon landing at that time.
The thing is that they know we are here and if we go poking about mankind will cum to a sticky end. Old Knudsen with the help of the English who don't really like weemen and the Americans who if they can't make money out of hot chicks then they don't want to know have kept the amazon bases a secret for yer own good.
We even created to flood the search engines. Old Knudsen has bravely volunteered for moon missions to destroy amazon space ships and yes he has been caught all 8 times and trust me laddies you young guns cannae handle what they have. Also shagging Old Knudsen's off- spring is forbidden.

No matter how hot they are.



Reggie said...

I'm hoping the moon chicks have multiple sets of breasts. That would be cool!!!

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Anonymous said...

I always knew that you are outlandish.
Happy New Year, you old heathen. Did you celebrate with a nice bomb?