Saturday, 22 October 2011

Occupy My Arse!

Old Knudsen has had enough of this shite! It was bad enough that yon Guy Fawkes bloke was in that magazine Old Knudsen would buy in the 80's. Old Knudsen would flick past that boring shite so he could read about Marvelman and bounty huntin cyborgs .......... like ya do.  Then that movie came out "V for Vagisil "and that was as interesting as a blog.

The Guy Fawkes mask protest started out in America of course. Ya know the way Americans are all for freedom of speech and religion? no seriously they are ........ well when it suits them.  It was a protest against Scientology.
Poor Tommy Cruise, ya can save the world from aliens by coughing over them but if ya take the NHS approach to anti-depressants (just snap out of it) you'll get condemned. 

I guess then Anonymous thought it was a good idea to use these masks that represent a 17th century terrorist who behaved much like the modern day IRA to get the point across that they are sick of rich people and demand that the government pays off their credit card bills and mortgage oh and one of them Prius'would be fcukin awesome! other things like government cuts/spending might be important too. 

These were the niave fools who thought that Obama would actually do something when elected as preez but have now fallen out of love with the one term wonder. The system is bigger than him ya idiots! 

                                                        Oh and "live long and prosper"

A failing that these art students, college professors and the other difficult to employ people should understand is who is making money out of this?
You buy yer mask from anywhere from $5.00 to $70.00 cos you have to look the part right? and yer anti-corporation money goes to Warner Bros.

Yep money that could have gone towards yer personal grooming or some more memory fer yer laptop has gone to the Jews who run the movie business and invest in Wall street to fund their war against the ragheads in Israel. Natalie Portmnan (Jewish) is laughing at yous! a movie that should have died in the land of the Razzie is making money it should not be making. 

Not that Old Knudsen is anti-hooked nosed money lender even if they did kill Christ oh no! I'd totally demolish Portman's backdoor. 

Ever wonder who the anonymous puppet master is?
IRA supporting wanker!

Quit the movie quotes and start blowing people the fcuk up like the soldier of fortune Guy Fawkes tried to do, like WikiLeaks complained that the army was doing ........... in a war. Nothing about those masks suggest peaceful protest. Lets lay our cards on the table and go for revolution, yeah ya talk a good revolution but this time it isn't the Brits in charge. When Yanks think they have a chance of losing their billions to the poor then shoots will be taken. 

 Now lets put a stop to this sort of thing!

Old Knudsen is the 110% cos he is fcukin gleaming! terms and conditions may apply.


Reggie said...

Let's be honest, they probably only went with those masks because they're buy one, get one free.

I don't know if that particular mask works combined with sex. I'm not sure I could get it up if my playmate had that mask on. My shit probably wouldn't get hard then if there was money involved.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, your arse is so crowded, it already is fully occupied!

MJ said...

There's not even any finger room.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a poet at the helm now! AIn't that good?!