Monday, 25 October 2010

Competition Time

Old Knudsen is making up this competition to make yer dreams cum true. Now the questions below have to be answered 100% correctly because no doubt there will be a lot of dissappointed people that don't win.

For the chance to win an all expenses paid night out with Old Knudsen merely answer these simple questions.

  • Are you available up to the 20th November?
  • Do you have a nice car?
  • Will you buy Old Knudsen drink, ciggies and a sausage supper on top of his other expenses for his all expenses paid nite out?
  • Are you willing to bribe or fight security to get Old Knudsen backstage?
  • If Old Knudsen blows chunks or makes some other wet mess in yer car will you get on like a yappy shite?
Tables are £28 (per adult) and booths £24 (per adult) Old Knudsen wans a table up front so hurry up and win this comp and book it..... Good luck.


belfast cabby said...

1 yes
2 of course i do
3 so long as i can steal a sausage
4 na i will just pretend to be the cab for the performers instead
5 to be fair i would be a yappy shite but thats what window are there for!

Anonymous said...

Ask Manuel.

Reggie said...

Lady Boys?!? Nah, I think I'll take the zero.

MJ said...

I'm guessing Ms. Nations would be up for this.


Heff said...

I must respectfully DECLINE the offer.

Old Knudsen said...

Belfast Cabby, I would have to fight the urge of running off and leaving you all night.

Mago, Manuel has yet to tell me where he works and has not invited me round for drinks yet.... maybe hes forgotten.

Reggie, I used to fight it too. Start off slowly with team sports and work yer way up.

MJ, she maybe back but will going violate her parole?

Heff, I'll put you doon as a possilbe.