Friday, 20 August 2010

Spin Doctors And Memory Loss

Operation Enduring Freedom or the war in Afghanistan will be 10 years old in October. While you hear how many have died and how much the war costs in almost up to the minute detail you never hear about how much the government has earned from the war.

I'm sure that with China and the US working together to rape/mine the worlds largest copper deposits thirty miles south of Kabuil in the Aynak Valley since 2008 some money has to be getting made by someone...... the $88 billion from the area will weaken the insurgency so they say.

Be wary when men in fancy suits tell you how broke they are because that may only mean they are doon to their last 10 billion.

Since the mid 90's the US have been involved in a power play in Afghanistan. Hardly new news but unlike the death and cost toll its a subject that isn't touched upon much.

Ever wonder why the first WTC bombing in 1993 didn't start a war? maybe that was because it could be brushed under the carpet so it won't sour any deals.

Unocal, Enron, Haliburton and Chevron have all been in Afghanistan long before the US troops, trying to negotiate deals with the main power in the area ' The Taliban ' to get their twin 1040 mile oil and gas pipelines built in a move to bypass Russia in that energy rich region.

Chevron who had bought out Unocal even had Taliban leaders over to Texas for a visit to see the NASA Space Center and the Houston Zoo in 1997............ ah good times.

Then the Taliban had to invite Osama bin Laden over to Afghanistan who then spoiled the deal by favouring an Argentine firm over the Americans because the Argentineans went to the trouble of sipping tea with Taliban leaders and Bin Laden had issues with Yanks being in his homeland of Saudi Arabia.

You hear its all about oil, well its also about natural gas and the fact that the recent wrangling over the cuntry has been going on for years long before 9/11 and all during the time when Osama was with the Taliban bombing embassies and killing Americans in an attempt to lure the west to invade Afghanistan........ yeah he isn't some uneducated camel jockey he got an enemy he could fight on his soil and ignite the fury of all the other Islamic extremists. It was a trap folks and greed was the bait.

Months before 9/11 in early 2001 Secretary of State Colin Powell gave the Taliban a deal sweetener of $43 million for “humanitarian purposes” because we know the Taliban are so into that. I'm sure the US and all the other governments have made their money 50 times over by now.

Try not to believe headlines that tell you about the last combat unit leaving either Iraq or Afghanistan. Its all  PR spin considering 50,000 troops and special forces get left behind in so-called noncombat roles not to mention all the private contractors .


Reggie said...

I say we become the world's leading drug dealer!!! The hell with "In god we trust"; we could roll with "I'm your pusherman"!!! We could max out selling poppy seeds around the world and if that ground is good for that, then it might grow weed well too!!!

Why let the Columbians have all the fun?!?

Heff said...

Knuddy, WHY are you always so Got-Damned Political ? Why can't you just post some "GRADE A" porn, and be happy with THAT ?

The world has ENOUGH people bitching...Fly ! Be FREE !!!

Anonymous said...

Welldone Knudsen. Heared that they have found some very rare earths there.

MJ said...

Top notch reportage.

*flashes tits to appease those who want more bawdy content*

Anonymous said...


Bob Mac said...

Knuds I know you don't give a shit about anyone else's opinion but I 100% agree with you here.

Old Knudsen said...

Reggie- I'm yer pusherman? I think its quite catchy.

Heff - The fluff annoys me as does the look the other way and attitude, porn does not make me bitter.

Mago - Makes you wonder about the stuff we don't know about.

MJ - flashing those things again? some day I'll be able to afford to touch them.

Bob Mac - If the world wasn't wrong I'd have nothing to yap about.

Heff said...

Well, just so you're happy, lol.

Reggie said...

Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed. --Albert Einstein

CyberCaptain said...

What about Indians and Russians? I'm sure they'd also like a piece of the action...