Thursday, 19 August 2010

Prince Charles Is A Muslim!

If you go by this undated picture you can clearly see that Prince Charles is a Muslim. He has not commented on this subject nor has he shown his birth certificate to prove otherwise. His father is Prince Philip of Denmark and Greece which as we all know are very close to Mecca.

In 1997 he had his first wife killed in an honour killing after she started to see a man from the Harrod tribe.

Charles whose family changed their name from the Muslim sounding Saxe -Coburg -Gotha to Windsor in 1917 has spoken out in favour of building a Mosque/organic vegetable farm12 miles from a Christian church which is built on sacred ground ....... ok the church was actually built upon an ancient pagan temple as many Christian churches are but thats besides the point as its the sort of thing Muslims would do .......... too.

If you needed further evidence just look at this picture of the Prince of Persia with Obama Bin Laden discussing plans to bring the western infidels to their knees with affordable health care for all and the withdrawal of troops from much needed wars of terror no doubt.

Stay tuned for my next post in which I discuss how George Bush Snr and Jnr are agents of Islam going by their actions in the Iraqi wars, Bush Snr called for the people of Iraq to rise up then pulled the US troops out early and let Saddam slaughter those who opposed him and Bush Jnr invaded Iraq for no reason other than to swell the ranks of Al Qaeda........... mission accomplished.


Anonymous said...

He has no eggs.

Heff said...

I read this blog because it's factual and timely.

Marcus Aurelius said...

At least 18 percent of Americans know The Truth!

Reggie said...

You are absolutely wrong my friend!!! I've already nominated bonnie Prince Charley for "Whitest man in the world"!!!