Wednesday, 18 August 2010

OMG Like War Is Kewl

Eden Abergil a 26 year-old did her stint as a reservist with the Isreali army, she caused a stir recently when she posted pictures up on her FaceBook account posing with detained Palestinians. The IDF whipped up a televised statement with an clean cut American like captain saying how shameful this is and not what the IDF do and that the IDF help out in Haiti and transport aid into Gaza ......... yadda yadda yadda as I'm sure he may have also said being Jewish and all.

Abergil doesn't know what the fuss is about and joked on her FaceBook about looking to see if the prisoners are on FaceBook and maybe she should tag them. Israelis are um how shall we say this? fanatical zealots, and love to bash Arabs , many of them don't see Palestinians as humans but as enemies which is why she doesn't see anything wrong in her pictures. I'm sure she'd build a naked pyramid and point at naked genitals because she has the power over these less than human people with ways that are strange to her.

Isreal certainly learned from what the Nazis did to them because they are now doing it themselves. It does feel dirty to have them as our allies but there you have it.

She is making light of a situation in which scared people are zip tied, blind folded and not exactly at their best. Like the IDF soldiers getting captured as they nap on tanks and the recent boarding of the Gaza flotilla ship this is not very professional behaviour.

Maybe Old Knudsen is remembering a time where soldiers didn't interrupt war to answer their mobile phone, take photos or text their BFF. In all jobs there should be a time when you don't have yer phone on you and if you do have it then it should be turned off. In the military I'm sure having a device with GPS on it isn't a very smart move .

In March a soldier in the IDF told the time and place of an upcoming mission into the West bank on his FaceBook page and the mission had to be cancelled, he was court-martialed and sentenced to 10 days in prison. He would have been given 20 days if it was on Myspace as that would be totally lame.

People worry about FaceBook privacy all the time but you can only give out what you put in, if only there was an app for bad judgement .



If you answer the phone while making sweeties with some cool bird you get punched in the nose. Honestly!

Conan Drumm said...

Plenty of lovely bright Israeli flags on the A4 from Belfast to Enniskillen. Shalom to all the loyal shaved heads of 'the province'

Heff said...

I think the biggest crime here is that she's on Facebook.

ColleenQ said...

What happened to girls making out in photos on Facebook, anyway? She needs new friends.

Reggie said...

What the fuck is wrong with people?!?