Saturday, 7 August 2010

Coming Soon

Where are the big movie stars of today? has everything just gone so pedestrian that even the stars are ordinary. So-called hunks like Clooney and Pitt have lost their window, Mel Gibson has lost his mind and Tom Cruise has lost that loving feeling sure they will still have hits but their big time is over and soon it will be back to the actor's standard ploy...... wearing a fake nose.

Maybe we just know too much about our matinee idols. The enquirer will tell you about Brad and Angie splitting up every other week and who has cellulite in a swim suit and well the mystery is gone.

What is on at the cinema? I hear there are a load of ghey CGI gladiator/300 films are coming out maybe I'll oil meself up and go someday. All I hear about now is inception, not from Hollywood buzz but because there is fuck all out. I mean Twilight and Karate Kid who by the way does Kung Fu so away an fuck. Salt........... people are chasing Angelina Jolie because they think she is a Russian spy to be honest I don't care if she is or not but Brad Pitt plays her husband who is also a spy, no wait thats another film.

After seeing the sneeze scene in Outbreak (way to go Hollywood for hurting future box office sales) it takes a lot for Old Knudsen to pay to be in a room with horrible noisy germy strangers sitting on uncomfortable seating for 2 hours.

Old Knudsen is uninspired to go to the flicks and will be happy enough to wait at the $5.00 bin until something he wants to see cums out.


CyberCaptain said...

Maybe wait for ol' Kevin Spacey's spaced movie now being done in China...

Reggie said...

That's sound logic Old Knudsen. Maybe you and I should do a movie? We could be the next Crockett and Tubbs or Laurel and Hardy. Or maybe we do a remake of King Kong and I could star as the guy with the huge penis and you could play the guy that gets stepped on.

Either way my wife isn't having it, she's forcing me to take her to the movies tonight.

MJ said...

I would pay good money to watch you act out parts from movies using sock puppets.