Sunday, 13 June 2010

Old Knudsen Is Still On The Line

Me and Vince Vaughn were hanging out talkin about our time in prison when he mentioned that Blogger is doing with blogs what the Russians are doing with the Chechens, making them disappear . From what I can see MJ the Queen of filth has been "removed" and so I sit and wait for mine to go too.

I had hoped to carry on when my mood and living situation was better but who knows? My blog is kinda full up so I hope they just hide it from everyone else except me like they did with my last blog that someone flagged, Gog forbid you should show pictures of man's inhumanity towards man, " Oh no a terrible atrocity lets hide our eyes and complain rather than learn from it".
Fucking cunts!!!! What will be left? oh yeah tame slightly amusing blogs and mummy blogs with fawning commenters.

Old Knudsen does despise any club that will have him as a member that is true.
Old Knudsen will never be a mainstream success ............... who fucking cares?
Old Knudsen knows he is better than the rest but can't be arsed right now.
Old Knudsen knows he scares the shit out of the mainstream people by not being predictable.

Its just a matter of time before they clamp doon on everything free and fill it full of ads........ have you installed Ad block plus yet? Old Knudsen never sees any ads. Then the Domains that are paid for will be tighter regulated no one is safe because you always have to go through someone else.

Being fucking hilarious for free can seem a little pointless after a few years but when my opinions build up they need to go somewhere. Fuck it would be sad if I wasn't removed where would my Messiah complex be then?

Have I mentioned lately that I AM the way?

Its just a matter of time before I return to full time blogging but will there be a blog or a place to return?

Ach 15 people were killed in Baghdad, ethnic cleansing in Kyrgyzstan and a 'shoot to kill' policy , BP has painted the sea black which is so 1980's, Catherine Zeta Hoorbag got a CBE and Old Knudsen got nothing yet again and Rob Green fumbled with his ball in the World Cup letting the Yanks tie. Bigger problems than cunty Blogger but it always starts small like this.

Times are achanging, I'm hoping for a zombie apocalypse meself. You can cut me doon Blogger/Google but I shall only grow stronger.



Leah said...

If it helps your messiah complex any, Sarge and I were just expressing our amazement that you hadn't been disappeared hot on the heels of Mistress...

So fucked up, these disappearances.

savannah said...

sometimes it isn't paranoia, sugar! xoxoxox

MJ said...

Long live Old Knudsen.

Fortunately, I have those "artsy" photos of you saved elsewhere.

Princess said...

I'm Princess and I'm an Infofaniac!
Yay, Old Knudsen returns... with a vengence...

Oh hi Mistress, Bitches...

thank Gog for the Messiah...

Heff said...

You've been working out in your spare time, haven't you ?

Reggie said...

Old Knudsen you can bang all the zombit poontang you like; but that first picture is still the gayest thing that I've ever seen online!!!

......not that there's anything wrong with that mind you, I am an open minded person.

.....but please keep that shit on your side of the country if you don't mind.

Boxer said...

Yay! He returns. Now can you use your super powers to send a pack of raging lemurs into Google HQs?

That would be super.

Anonymous said...

Time you show up lazy fucker.