Monday, 17 May 2010

A Sucky Idea

Sir James Dyson with funding from BP and Halliburton has invented a way to get rid of the oil slick in the gulf of Mexico. At Cyberdyne Systems Corporation a subsidiary of Halliburton he will be using the surplus of children to build a cyborg army of oil terminators to vacuum up the oil.

The latest in a long line of ideas seems like a winner as long as muscle bound Austrians are not involved.
Dyson is also working on a project called Skynet which he can use to send these terminators back into time before people found out how much Halliburton was charging the government to run the war of terror and kill those who leaked the info.

What could possibly go wrong?



Princess said...

Didn't know halleberry was big in oil....

Anonymous said...

Nothing. And yes, sent the suckers back!

Heff said...

Why is Sir James Dyson such an expert with suction and balls ?

Reggie said...


Heff makes an excellent point, now he's got me thinking!!!

Anything that involves putting children to work I'm all for.

Bob Mac said...

Do Halliburton manufacture body bags?