Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Old Knudsen Gets All Racialism On Yer Arse

As Old Knudsen sits here in America with no need nor want of any form of visa his mind turns to the problem of immigration in his homeland. The UK is facing the problems America has been facing for decades. Fucking immigrants who will work harder and for less than us. It isn't fair so I set up a few violent protests.

Don't worry hooked nosed money lending deity killers yer not the target of this rant though you and the Neo-Nazis are cool now due to holding similar points of view as in who needs to be killed.

I'm no touchin the whole black thing that is well sensitive especially with the slavery card, nah we're just turning the Africans who weren't slaves white, its probably what they want anyway I mean who wouldn't want to be white? Its fucking awesome!

Its those fuckin muzzies thats the problem especially after we invaded them. We want the extremists out and we'll kick in anyones fuck and burn them out to achieve it. Britain is a Christian cuntry of love so fuck away out of it.

What is their fuckin problem why can't they stay home?

Don't forget those pakkis that sell us beer in the corner shop! ok they might also be Indian but unless they wear their feathers I can't fuckin tell.

Immigration has made up more than half of Britain's population growth from 1991 to 2001.

A study of the 2001 Census calculated a 2.2m rise, including 1.14m born abroad. 7.53% of Britain's 2001 population had been born overseas - up from 5.75% in 1991.

It was about 1991 when the Slavs realised the Berlin wall was doon and it was time to move. The census excludes Northern Ireland since that isn't really Britain and no one gives a fuck, anyway the enlightened people of Ulster take care of their own problems by intimidating the filthy Romanian people with threats of violence making them think that maybe Romania wasn't so bad.

Dirty Romanians, imagine having this move in beside you.

Or a dirty Polack, for fucks sake you'd have to be a ghey animal molester to find this attractive, no offense to the ghey horse cock suckers.

Why was Northern Ireland excluded from the study? We had at least a couple of blacks then also some chinks and Pakkis that ran the restaurants.

Poor Northern Ireland with its Protestant majority. Like Scotland and Wales it dated England but now England wants to break up but Northern Ireland pretends it wants to just stay friends but thats a ploy to either get back up with England or fuck it up, 'getting dumped revenge.'

Its over, time to move on and date ugly Ireland ........... you'd fuck it after a few pints but you'd be stupid to commit.

Britain still has a lot to learn from Northern Ireland like what constitutes beauty.

Also how to deal with immigration. You poison the well so they can't drink ......... ok you can't drink either I didn't say it was a smart plan.

As a nation Ulster stands out when it cums to tolerance, we only stole some Irish land in the North east, the Americans stole all the Injun land, learn ya fuckers from our great example! I refuse to be drawn into the whole empire thing as the ungrateful cunts that kicked us out really upset me.

Why do you not want to be ruled by us? Maybe you should look deep within yerself and figure out what yer fuckin problem is. Moments after this picture was taken someone threw a KFC drumstick into the crowd and a deadly chav feeding frenzy began ................. so not cool.

Though many are 3rd class citizens and deserve that mantle especially if they enter a cuntry illegally.
If I lived in a cardboard box with my family and me small children didn't have health care, food or education because the chemical plant closed and put the whole town out of work and people want the little I have and will knife me for it in a heart beat and the police won't care I would patiently apply and made sure I paid the $1000 up front for the papers and made sure I earned $30.000 a year to become a citizen as that is respectful of the cuntry .............. nah just kidding you'd have to be some kind of mong, you do what you have to do fer yer family to survive.

Looks a bit like Jesus don't ya think?

I hope I've shown you the ugly face of immigration, something needs to be done. Its a pity we no longer have great Richard the Lion heart to save us.......... ok he was French and hardly spoke English and was quite anti-Jew, he may have said England was "cold and always raining," and when he was raising funds for his crusade, he was said to declare, "I would have sold London if I had a buyer."

Never mind that, I think we can all agree that non wussy French, Norman, Angle, Saxon, Jutes and Danes are as British as football hooliganism and bad food, its the foreigners we have to deal with.

Look at them no doubt plotting how to kill us.

New York had a recently naturalised US citizen try to blow it up.

If it wasn't for Jack Bauer and his talking penis the city would be fucked but he remembered the Dr Suess One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and knew what wire to cut with 7 seconds on the clock.

New York is getting as bad a Iraq or even Lurgan these days. Wow imagine someone paying the fees, passing the tests and requirements and swearing an oath just to plant a bomb. Its like a plan or something what should we do? lets waste time and go after the poor families that just want a break in life because if they can't pay they must be cunts!

After this post I'm not sure where I stand.................. oh yeah stop being silly twats and unite against the terrorists and the real criminals in the world . People of whatever colour and language who just want to live in peace get fucked about enough without cunts and their agendas blowing them up.



tony said...

Do you remember that Old pepsi commercial with all those coloured folk holding hands,smiling,skipping & such..?Over A hill (a bit like in The Sound Of Music ,but without the SS)?"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony........"They sang.
Your post reminds me of that.
I bet Pepsi is brewed in China these days .

CyberCaptain said...

You forgot to post this picture:

Anonymous said...

Immigrants of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your imposed stereotypes

Heff said...

Not to be RACIST, but that commercial Tony mentioned was for Coca-Cola, not Pepsi.

Reggie said...

Old Knudsen you're one helluva human being!!! In my next life if you're a woman, I want you to have my baby!!!

Now as far as being white is concerned....everytime I unzip my pants I thank my lucky stars that I'm a black man!!!

Old Knudsen said...

Tony: It was changed to, "I'd like to buy the pope a rope and hang him from a tree"

Cyber Capt: I keep poking you on FB but you never die!I saw a similar Aussie sign saying full up.

BOO: Today 2 Mexicans did cut our lawn and though they were done in 5 mins they looked lazy while doing it.

Heff: You got to it first, it was indeed coke, hes part Polish and hardly speaks English so I forgive him..... besides with that airplane crash recently you have to go easy on those slavs.

Reggie: For fucks sake! now you tell me yer black, I'm locking up my telly. Don't go giving my HUGE Interweb penis a complex just because yers is bigger and you can dance.

Trooper Thorn said...

Do you write for Hallmark in your spare time. Learn how to form an opinion and express a stand on something!

Old Knudsen said...

Helloooooo satire! get someone to explain the inner working of my mind you dopey cunt as all my opinions are here and there.

I bet you never got Monty Python but pretended to so you wouldn't look stupid.

donn said...

Ms Pokeistan is smokin' hot :)