Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Isn't Sandra Bullock Lovely?

Old Knudsen was just adding pictures to his Sandra Bullock shrine and his thoughts turned back to his Princess Diana shrine, she was lovely wasn't she? ach tugging the lad to the see through skirt picture not at all hampered by the sprogs with her those were indeed the days.

It did take me a while to realise there were kids in this picture.

I came to see that Jesse cunt face dopey looking shite James and the lovely Sandra Bullock are like the American version of Charles and Diana. Not the nit picky details but that he is a twat and she can do no wrong.

The Nazi element is there as it is with the royals, Edward VIII was a close friend to Hitler don't forget and the Royal families real name was Hangover which they changed to Windsor because they like the tie knot so much .

I suppose that makes Camilla Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee in other words some ugly ass hoor that wasn't a trade up.

Just an observation. I just hope it is James that dies in a horrible accident as Old Knudsen cannae take another mental break doon.



Reggie said...

C'mon Old Knudsen.....not even close!!! You know damned well that Camilla Parker Bowles has a horseface; a face made for radio, a face that only a mother could love.

I hope for Charles sake that Camilla can give some hellacious head!! I can only imagine rolling over and seeing something as ugly as that in the morning.......before I've even had my goddamned coffee!!!

Anonymous said...

On behalfe of the GERMAN part - no one of decent blood wants to have any connection with Mr. James - he should be dragged in front of a Volksgerichtshof for abuse of uniform and his hoors too.
Mrs Bullock and other members of the Royal houshold can be assured that the Schutzstaffel is ready to nail.

northern musings said...

Sandra is my hero too. Could sort of see(but not) what she saw in him - ie totally not Hugh Grant... but am soooo happy that he stuffed things up. I like the Di Charles analogy however, Camilla McGee is a bit of a stretch, unless she has had a tampon tattood on C´s wizzer... that would make sense. She would be the bondage queen and he the young boy in nappies. (oh dear I have given myself the necessary requirements for a nightmare)