Friday, 14 May 2010

I Don't Care

In the beginning I was conflicted about people who were actually dumb enough to use their real names for blogging and the sort. I thought well these people are obviously not going to cause any waves and their lives are such open boring books with none of the security issues of terrorists, evil family or mean co-workers and are as tame as Ned Flanders never saying, "cunt, wank, pish, shit, rimjob motherfucker up the bum no babies I'll rape yer cat ."

Then they join Facebook, a free social network invented by a drunken student. Old Knudsen wonders that when they set up email accounts and the such do they give their real details? You could if you wanted to give Facebook a lot of details depending on yer stupidity but why would you, zip /postal code? what about Beverly Hills 90210 thats one of my favs to use and such a great show full of angst.

Its like when a policeman stops you and asks yer name do you give him yer real name or bluff it? Yes Old Knudsen doesn't walk about with ID or any identifying labels on his clothes, ' old habits die hard and live free' you may find my Mum/Dad tattoos but I don't include their names.

I do have a scrap of paper with my real name and details on it somewhere as ever since the weapon X experiments my memory ain't too sharp.

I give Facebook fuck all info they can use even the truth is based on a lie and the lie is wrapped up in an enigma covered in salad cream which is as we all know pourable sunshine.
Old Knudsen is in control not Facebook. Really I don't give a fuck what I tell them .

Now you have people all over the place complaining about phishing and information selling, here is a tip: Don't use yer real name, date of birth and if anyone asks for yer phone number then tell them to fuck off.
Why all the yapping Facebook is free, no its not going to start charging as all the groups say, that is a panic rumour as confirmed by if ya don't like it then stop using it.

Of course if you surf the web without virus protection and click on anything in sight then yer just a mong.

Sure computers get hacked and friends pass on virus' with those idiot send this to 5 friends or you die forwards but quit the fucking yapping no one is making you log on.


Shelly Rayedeane said...

The problem with viruses are the assholes who feel they have the right to shut other people up by sending them to computers they did not pay for.

It isn't so much the idiot who goes clicky clicky on everything as much as it is the idiot who feels they have the right to control the clicky clicky.

Now fuck off Lee, before I snatch your body and stick your own hand up your ass until you get down on your knees and beg to me like I'm your mama.

Princess said...

"In the beginning I was conflicted"
Ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Don't you usually instigate the conflict?

Bob Mac said...

youve got me conflicted here. if you dont like facebook dont go on the fucker, simples

Heff said...

Wait....Your name ISN'T REALLY "Bitter Balls" ? What a letdown.

And yes, Facebook BLOWS.

mago said...

I always told ya.

Cathy said...

When life gets too sweet I need a sour ball and come here, never am I disappointed. Come over and kiss me quick, I adore your mind.

Reggie said...

If I had it to do all over again I'd probably use my porn name, Miles Long, rather than my real name.

I guess I went with Reggie because I wasn't smart enough to come up with something like Old Knudsen.

MJ said...

If Soren isn't your real name, then I'm going to have to get this tattoo erased.