Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Dear Oceans

A post that is very difficult to write. We've all gone through it at some point in life but Old Knudsen's suffering outweighs yers ten fold because well you are all in Old Knudsen's head and only exist because hes in stasis having terrible dreams about living in America while his body gets repaired after almost dying in the Corporation wars of 2051. Microsoft finally destroyed Apple though a systems error due to a weapons upgrade (it was automatic, the upgrade and the weapon) nearly destroyed us all.
My stasis tube is stolen Apple tech so Old Knudsen got lucky .............. anyways.

The first time was great, hey the second and third weren't too shabby either. Exciting , funny and sexy all Old Knudsen ever wanted. All my needs were catered for and I just lay back and enjoyed the thrill ride. Never predictable with a mind like a maze, I never knew what you were thinking. At the right age to know what I wanted and leave me begging for more..... I cared.

When did things change? was it me? I wanted you more than ever but you no longer cared about anyone but yerself. Having a good time with yer mates never giving me a second thought. Catherine Zeta Jones WTF? certainly wasn't a step up for you I was here eternally hoping you'd change and see sense.
You used to care but now you seem so distant, moved on to the next more interesting thing leaving me discarded like a used toy.

Time healed my pain somewhat though time only closes some wounds which can re-open instantly at a thought or a memory dragging you back to painsville again as if you had never left.
I didn't want to get hurt again but I had the hope of a fool and hoped you had changed and I took the chance and let you into my life again.
At the beginning it was good but then I could tell you were just going through the motions until something else came along.

I have news for you, getting on a bit and not taking me seriously will be yer doon fall. You thought you could do anything and I'd be there for you well I have news for you!

Its over, I gave you a third chance you never deserved and if yer ego can handle this I'm no interested anymore its not me it was you all along, do ya ken?

I'm sick of yer attitude that we are all so blessed to be in the same room as you ....... I'm seeing other DVD's sometimes a different one every night I don't care because now its all about Old Knudsen, work harder if you want my attention but you'll never be in a position to hurt me again because Oceans, its well over.


MJ said...

George Clooney dumped you when he found out about your hard-on for Gerard Butler.

Don't tell me you didn't see it coming.

Old Knudsen said...

How can you see it cumming from behind? Clooney is a hoor.

Reggie said...

You know I never got around to seeing any of these movies........guess I was watching porn.

Bob Mac said...

watch yourself knudo, they're gathering nuts in may

Old Knudsen said...

Reggie: To me these are porn.

Bob: Nuts cum from Brazil (which was a great film, and song) I'm from SPARTA!

donn said...

I can't wait for the Norberg Trilogy on BluRay :)