Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Control Is An Illusion

I was just reading about James and Charlene Sanders who were selling a ring on Craigslist when the men who turned up at their home tied them up at gunpoint and tried to rob them. The father of two ended up breaking free and was shot to death. Charlene Sanders now says "the only reason I can sit here today, is because of my faith in Christ."

On that same news page was the story of a Canadian couple and their two children going missing after a huge sink hole swallowed them and their hoose up while they watched TV bringing the hoose 30ft doon.

Old Knudsen would never suggest the later couple's problem is due to a lack of faith. It was bad luck the Sanders got robbed but good luck Charlene and her two teens lived through it. The Prefontaines who got swallowed up by the ground were just unlucky but hey their two dogs made it out alive, good luck for them until they get to the pound.

The circumstances that makes these situations happen at that very point in time are complex and with the 20/20 of hindsight you can see the connections and the question is why did it have to happen ? is it because shit happens?

There are no safe choices in life there are just reactions to everything you do or don't do. We like to see patterns and like to make sense of things and when you add free will into the equation you have to add the free will of others too .

The Fates, Gogs, Angels and Demons whatever you call the forces around us also have free will, a tarot card reading in the morning may be different in the evening depending on what happened in the time between.

No one can tell the future though some psychics are given glimpses but that doesn't make them true.
Even the Fates, Gogs, Angels and Demons get bored and like to fuck about with the heads of others I know I do.



Princess said...

Very sage words Max!

tony said...

we All Get Sage at Times..........

Heff said...

Well put, Bitter Balls.

Anonymous said...

Someone stomped over your sandcastle?

Reggie said...

Where are the ( @ )( @ )?!?

Old Knudsen said...


donn said...

For whatever reason most humans need to have an answer and even made-up bullsh*t will suffice. The thought of being an evolutionary accident and just part of the f*cking food chain terrifies them?

Ecclesiates 9:11 finally freed me form my tortuous tenure..I still don't know why "they" leave that verse in there? It makes all of the other stuff superfluous?