Saturday, 17 April 2010

Obama Loves Fried Chicken

The Tea Party movement's feelings are hurt, they don't like the label they are getting of being racists, homophobes and morons.
Old Knudsen really can't think how this came about unless its a slur by dirty Liberals or because the Tea party movement are a bunch of racist, homophobic morons you know , yer average Republican type.

Getting yer fear coated news via Fox News or rather the opinions of those ranting on that non-news channel.
For years Old Knudsen has heard how the immigrants get everything and has wondered how he has missed out for so long ............. oh because its a lie.

Old Knudsen (an immigrant) has gotten fuck all help from the government of Mr Bush or Mr Obama and only got obstacles to trying to get anywhere. Its very telling of a cuntry that will charge you thousands to become a citizen or get health care but will give you a free IRS number if you want one so you can pay taxes, isn't that special?

Why do Americans say "fuck"and are shocked when you say "cunt"? The Dark knight came out in 2008 so Bush didn't suffer much from this image that was a poorly thought out dig at Obama.

It was nothing to do with him when some twat thought about doing this. That makes the above woman a fucktard.......... sure I'd give her one after a few pints but only because I bet shes a super freak.

There I fixed yer sign for ya. Imagine being a ghey black Nazi out of the closet, ok that exercise in empathy is over.

Equality for all but I had better have more so the cunstituion says. Wrote at a time when weemen didn't have the vote and nig nogs were slaves, how fucking stupid do you have to be to take that seriously, more sense in taking the bible literally.

So you kicked the Brits out because you wanted to line the pockets of yer own people, how is that working out for ya? fuck I have always hated paying taxes but it has to be done. When Americans have to pay taxes they cry like babies which is why the cuntry is in a shit puddle and the kids are growing up with poor education and not much hope.

Don't complain about overpaying for something complain as to why whatever it is costs so much to start with......... generic for the people!

Teamwork takes practice but since this cuntry is already divided you'll be sitting ducks for the Chinese invasion when the billions of young men in the RED army reach the height of horniness due to the lack of chink weemen.

Get sorted out America and stop being part of the problem.


Old Knudsen said...

Now I'm in the mood for KFC.

Bob Mac said...

you are becoming compulsive reading, I love your crazy logic and your use of vitriol to highlight social problems. keep IT up.

Reggie said...

So what if my president likes fried chicken motherfucker, I like it too!!!

It's amazing to me that it's patriotic for my tax dollars to go towards dropping million dollar missiles on two hundred dollar buildings in the Middle East; and yet, it's wrong for those same dollars to go towards healthcare for some old crippled toothless woman living in a trailer in Bumfuck, Kentucky. What's even more baffling is that the same old crippled toothless woman living in that trailer in Bumfuck, Kentucky will go out and line up early to vote Republican.

Don't we Americans suck!!!

Fat Sparrow said...

Ugh, I am so sick of the "I'm not racist, I just think that: a) white people have a better plan, b) all those other people should act white, or c) I'm just an ignorant git who refuses to learn anything about other cultures." Also, I'm sick of the "I'm not homophobic, it's just against God's/Allah's will that those people carry on like that."

Yeah, whatever. Take your pointy white hats and secret butt plugs and your stupid rationalizations and shove them where the sun don't shine, assuming that's legal in your state. Meh.

Pearl said...

Ah, Ol' Bitter -- if I may call you "Ol' Bitter" -- this is why I love you.

Ya irreverent SOB ya.


Anonymous said...

I really thought these "Tea Party" folks were at least a bit rational. But it seems to be a concoction of irrational fears, prejudices and half-knowledge. Which group is the guilty beast of burden this time?

MJ said...

I don't see any actual tea being served at these so-called tea parties.

Where are the chocolate biccies?

Old Knudsen said...

Bob: repulsive reading to some.

Reggie: Who doesn't like motherfucking fried chicken? Bumfuck Kentucky has a great KFC.

Sparrow: Be like Old Knudsen and hate all, I do not discrimnate.

Pearl: with 4 easy payments of $29.99 and naked pictures you can call me what you want.

Mago: these would be the Republican shit stirrers a society kept in fear in order to control it.

MJ: exactly now you see how stupid it is.