Friday, 23 April 2010

Heroes Of The Future

I'm sure we're all very grateful that Flash Gordon saved the world a few times from Ming the Merciless and his farts of doom! I also know we appreciate all our freedoms too. If Ming was in charge we'd all have numbers since the day we were born in order to track us and we couldn't even move from cuntry to cuntry without passport containing a computer chip, our computers and laptops would upgrade and doonload without asking us and our phones would sneakily dial the Interweb giving Ming and his rape gangs our information.

We are all grateful to Flash and totally understand how his cock could fall out of his short shorts and only seems to happen when the schools get out. Old Knudsen just wonders why he prefers to use a Volerian penis gun to fight with.

Lets discuss how Fred Kowalczyk went on from being a humble Carpenter to becum Buck Rogers porn star and hero of the future ............... sorta like the tale of Jesus but more believable.

The weemen in the 25th century are tall ,sexy and wear lip gloss, they are also built like 12 year-old boys hubba hubba.

The robots have penis shaped heads and an attitude. "Bidi bidi bidi go fuck up a rope piss stick you fat hairy cuntpop and western listening caveman twat!"

Kowalczyk's later character of Skip Intercourse 'Space leader' though a favourite then president Ronald Reagan was a failure and canceled in the middle of the first season. He went on to developing Tad Horny which gained cult status with the Heaven's gate UFO religion group until 1997.
Tad's straight to x-rated DVD tagline was, "I'm going in fast and hard, this could get messy".



Fat Sparrow said...

Thank the gods Ming didn't take over!

I never did think "Wilma" was a very sexy name, though. That generation gap can be a big one.

Oh, the amount of arguing I would do with my babysitter, she would want to watch "The Waltons," I was all for "Buck Rogers."

Anonymous said...

Fred Kowalczyk?

You can't be serious now old man ...

Reggie said...


Senility must be setting in Old Knudsen, although I clearly remember Buck Rogers, I'm not entirely sure just what the hell this blog entry is all about.

Old Knudsen said...

Buck = fuck, Rogers = to bugger, Flash is the thing you do in the park.
Am I the only one speaking English? and when since did my blog posts have to be about anything? They all make sense to me.

MJ said...

How can this post make sense without tits?

Reggie said...

Ahhhhhh, now it makes perfect sense.