Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Feel Free To Go Fuck Yerself

Old Knudsen feels the need to weigh in on the complete balls up British Prime Minister Gordon Brown texture like sun made after he spoke to a 66 year-old former lollipop lady on one of his walkabouts in the dirty sin ridden area of northern England known as Rochdale.

Gillian Duffy a widow at first heckled Brown before she got to talk to him. She talked to him in the similar way Old Knudsen has heard Americans speak, Old Knudsen being white and British the people here forget that he is an immigrant and so speak freely. She said: "In Falinge, we have all kinds of immigrants living there and at one of the schools, there are 18 languages spoken. There are a lot of Polish people as they have shops opened for them. We are not saying it is a bad thing, but we don't want people coming to live here and claiming benefits."

Yeah um I'm not saying Poles are bad but not in our backyard , we still have all those blacks that came over in the 50's.

Old Knudsen does think that if you move to another cuntry in which the majority speak a language then learn to speak it but in schools with differently aged children that may not be so easy. We are all immigrants or children of immigrants so fuck up and get over it the world is getting smaller.
I get told over here about Mexicans getting all the welfare benefits, I guess they must get special treatment cos Old Knudsen doesn't qualify for anything, in fact the born and bred Americans are lucky to get anything................ its not a socialist state you know, no council houses here and the government doesn't give a fuck.

After the talk with Mrs Duffy Brown got into his car but forgot he still had his mike attached.

Some of his conversation with an aide was caught on tape "That was a disaster – they should never have put me with that woman, she was just a bigoted woman."

Well she is 66 so how the fuck does the 18 languages in school effect her? Just collect yer government pension and wait to die like the rest of us.

The shock is that Gordon Brown texture like sun didn't like her and possibly the way she referred to the million Eastern Europeans flocking to the UK and no doubt he didn't want a straight forward conversation in public with an angry woman.

He has since been apologising to anyone who will listen especially Mrs Duffy.

The UK doesn't have free speech so any conversation or point of view is subject to scrutiny unlike the USA when then Vice President Dick Cheney told a Senator to "Go fuck himself" when questioned about all the shady business Cheney put towards Haliburton.

If only we had free speech in the UK then it wouldn't be such a big deal, "Oye Mr Brown, wot about all thems nig nogs, fuzzies, muzzies and slavs that live in Britain, can we not build a fence to keep them out or at least lock them up on the Isle of Man and bomb it along with the poofters?"

"Thank you for your question now GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

If this is the silly thing that lets the Conservatives win the election Old Knudsen will personally punch Mrs Duffy on the back of the head. I can say that as right now I'm in free America, unless you are an Obama aide who tells a Jewish joke of course then it isn't so free.



Reggie said...

Back when I was young and idealistic I worked as a social worker Old Knudsen and it was then that I learned something that really shouldn't have surprised me; and that is that in this country there are more Caucasians receiving government assistance than any other dynamic. Oh one would think looking at television that it was different; but in fact, it's actually true.

If you think about it, African Americans and Hispanics only make up about 30% of the population and I'm sure that you know that there aren't a whole helluvalot of us in places like Utah and Idaho and Vermont and Maine and yet their welfare and food stamp offices are open all day long.

Oh I know there are a boatload of Mexicans in California and Cubans in Florida and Puerto Ricans in New York City...but its still not even close.

This country throws away more money than one of those goddamned rappers in a stripclub....making it rain.

I remember listening to Rush Limbaugh's big collard green eating ass saying once on his talkshow that the difference in civilized and uncivilized people is that civilized people respect owners of property and don't take what doesn't belong to them. I would have loved to ask his hypocritical drug addicted ass if he meant how we treated the Native Americans or the Mexicans when we took most of the southwest from them.........I would have paid real money to see his fat ass answer that question.

Fat Sparrow said...

What Reggie said. And in my experience as a former Welfare Case Worker, it's the illegals whose legal kids were getting benefits that were the most scrupulously honest. A lot of them sold second-hand stuff at the local Swap Meets, but they would record and report every transaction to Welfare. It was really hellish having to deal with 5 pages of handwritten paperwork that maybe netted them $300 a month, and then recalculating their benefits every month, but it was nice seeing that people were honest. I can only assume that they were teaching their kids to be the same. When they had to come in to the office, they were unfailingly polite.

I disagree with you though, if Gordon Brown loses the election, he has only himself to blame. He should have thought first. At the very least, he could have talked politely to your woman about how these immigrants were actually enriching the British culture, while assuring her that even through thousands of years and wave after wave of different cultures washing up in Britain, Britain has managed to assimilate them all rapidly and instill a sense of Britishness, and pride in being British, in the immigrants.

Tony Blair would have done all of that while hypnotizing your woman with his smile, one arm around her shoulder, the other hand flicking her clit. She wouldn't have come to until after the election. Gordon Brown lacks charm and the ability to think on his feet. Those qualities are usually necessary to be a successful politician. It's a glorified sales job.

Old Knudsen said...

I don't know who gets the most aid but stupid racism annoys me, I don't like most people but really hate the low class under-educated people of all colours who somehow think they are better than others while blaming others for their life.
Of course Caucasians get the most aid, why do you think they wanted slaves? lazy fuckers must be Catholic.
If you looked at Katrina it was the poor left behind and that was mostly black and white trash folks and there was lots!

Duffy did say he had her vote.... until a kindly reporter played her the tape.

northern musings said...

I must admit that Brown has a bit of a pity feeling from me, I mean, please lets call a spade a spade - as in the type you dig a hole in the ground with (one has to be careful on these sites where folk from the other side of the pond may be reading). He fucked up truly but he should also have continued his arguement(dialogue) that he was having with her in that there were just as many bloody poms living in Europe on welfare there (if not more) than euro zone people living in the UK. Ah bigotry, ethnocentrism and nationalism... all created by God cos he didn´t like that big fucking tower they built in Babel.. What was He thinking....????