Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Ultimate Will They Or Won't They

OOOHHHHH Wilson, hold me, touch my private medical hair make my stool soft.

WTF you moron? wrong Wilson.

Oh yeah baby thats what I'm talkin about.

C'mon Wilson no one will know, if you don't do it that means yer ghey because you aren't confident in yer sexuality enough to suck me off .

Wanna do it yet? no. Wanna do it yet? no. Wanna do it yet? no. Wanna do it yet? no. Wanna do it yet? no. Wanna do it yet? no. Do you not want to do it yet? Fuck off House!

You've been at me for 3 weeks now, if we do this will you shut up?........ Of course I will just take the condom from the dispenser and slip it onto my huge throbbing walking stick of love.

You know I've always wanted to Gregory I just didn't want to get hurt! ...... Don't worry Wilson, sorry I can't remember yer first name but you mean so much to me I'd never hurt you sugar pants I wuv you.

Ta Da!

John Smith just felt a tremour in the Dead zone. Oh .................. my lord its horrible.

I knew you wouldn't respect me House you didn't hand me a wet wipe and you posted it on Youtube damn it!

I can't help myself I think I may have Lupus ................ no its not Lupus I'm just a selfish lying cunt now get me a coffee and 3 Vicodin bitch stat! I knew I could make you ghey.

Ha ha so clever I can kill 4 people a week bring 3 of them back and still keep my medical license, oh and everyone lies. I'm English dear chap hence the handy dandy foreskin!

Next week Hoose wastes thousands of dollars of useless tests and pricey meds killing his patient twice and gets Foreman to steal a TV while eating fried chicken.


Princess said...

Dear Mr Knudsen,

It would appear that you have far too much time on your hands to be writing plotlines for hoose!

Can't you try something for the next "Survivor LA"

Reggie said...

I knew there was a reason why I've never watched that show House.

Fat Sparrow said...

That was so wrong, and yet my nipples tingled a little.

MJ said...

I'm moist.

Oh dear, I've left a wet spot.

peedee said...

I've always suspected this.

Old Knudsen said...

Survivor LA ? I could throw in some lemurs and gangbangs, er gangbangers, ach it beats doing a real post.
I only had to watch the first season and a few more so now I know everything that could ever happen.

My next post will be less ghey, no offense to any poofs, David Bowie in tights is just so manly.