Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Toyota Defense

Actual car not shown for legal reasons.

In 2006 Koua Fong Lee if that is indeed his real name was on his way home from church.
In the car was his pregnant wife, his daughter, father, brother and niece and three other people tied onto the roof .
Lee says, his car inexplicably sped up and he slammed into other vehicles and claimed his brakes didn't work. Lee was sentenced to eight years in prison for vehicular manslaughter for the three people that died that day.

Due to the massive recalls of Toyota vehicles and their acceleration problems, Lee's lawyers are asking that the court re-examine the Camry, which is still impounded. The 1996 Camry was not one of those models but they still want to take a look at it.

The brand of kitchen knives known as 'Kitchen devils' have been found to have been sharp enough to cut human flesh as Wolfgang Fuck found out during the dicing of a carrot, those in prison for using these knives for assault and murder want their cases re-opened to prove it was the fault of the cutlery and not them.

In 2005 Boris Slavavich was walking on his way from church to go and volunteer at the old people's home. He got the sudden urge to stop in at his home for a glass of water only to find his wife with another man.
Boris likes to use props to express himself being a Slav and all so he picked up a 6 inch Kitchen devil brand knife to make his point on how disappointed he was at his wife and next door neighbour who still had his garden shears from 3 months ago as his hedges needed trimmed.

Before Boris knew it the knife had stabbed the couple a total of 78 times in what the harsh prosecution called 'overkill' Boris claims he lost control of said knife and now due to the celebrity chief cutting the tip off his finger hopes the murderous knife will be found as the guilty party and not Boris.

Old Knudsen still supports the death penalty so then there would not be any second guessing and justice would be final.

Justice is always final when someone stands/sits in front of a civil judge during a disability hearing who doesn't even look at half of the medical records and calls the half blind person in the wheelchair a lazy liar out to con the system and tells them to get a job as the judge is sure there is an employer out there just ready to bend over backwards for any health issues the person might have.

The disabled person shunned by the law and not allowed to talk in court and un-helped by their young and afraid lawyer must keep appealing until they are believed, maybe the death penalty should be brought into civil hearings as judges are obviously too important to be dealing with such un-sexy cases unlike the cool fast car ones.

Yes there is a message in this post ........ buy Honda.


Anonymous said...

Does Hyundai count too?

Fat said...

:::waves at Mago::: Due to the laws of physics, Hyundais cannot accelerate, therefore you are safe. Yep, I'm too lazy to go and comment on my blog, so I'm over here! :::waves again:::

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I just hope my Camry doesn't kill me one of these days.