Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sleep With The Fishes

Old Knudsen is annoyed, he doesn't watch TV mainly because he is too high brow oh and doesn't have one. Old Knudsen gets his fix of Lost on Hulu which is very nice of them. Like TV there are about 4 ads in every show these ads last from 15 to 30 seconds which is still long enough to piss Old Knudsen off because he remembers the promise of long ago about buying cable TV there won't be any need for commercials................ lies!

The main annoyance is a Callyfornia mattress company named Sit'n'sleep, I don't care where the name came from Old Knudsen hates Larry the prick who says if you can get a cheaper mattress to match ours yer mattress is freeeeeee!

A new add campaign has him telling you if yer mattress is over 8 years old it doubles its weight with oils, sweat and dust mites, being a mattress expert Old Knudsen knows it adds 10 LBS to it not doubles it. The new saying is 'if its over 8 its time to replace'.

Not withstanding the lies and scare mongering he then goes into a grocery store and talks to a shapely housewife type looking at cereal. "Yer old lumpy mattress may be interupting yer sleep thus making you add on the LBS" she realises that if she buys a new matress from him she doesn't have to eat cereal as she'll be slim.

Answer me this Larry king of the matress, why are you then such a fat fucker?


Anonymous said...

HEY - its Larry Miller, the PREZ! Man you must be lucky - to be able to see Larry Miller! Live! Go Knudsen, touch the screen - Fast!

Heff said...

Why is he such a fat ass ?

oils, sweat, and dust mites.

Northern musings said...

live and learn...

nobody makes beds like the swedes!