Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sandra Bullock Needs Me

A shout out to Sandra. Things have changed gurl lets get together and bump uglies like the old days. Old Knudsen will do the red carpet stuff and sip champagne on yer yacht. Stop hooking up with losers you deserve the best ............... thats me and you know it 'Multiple Maggie' see I even remembered my pet name for you.

When this happened Old Knudsen said "What the fuck?" not WTF? he actually said it. Sandra Bullock marrying that dick from the whatever show hes on. A dopey grease monkey for fucks sake she must be still hurting for the Old Knud-knob.

Then this happened and Old Knudsen said "What the fuck?" I knew Sandy was too good for him. Shes smart, talented , funny, loyal and extra hot but oh no Jesse James went after this............ among other ugly tramps . Jesse is a gurl's name by the way which must mean yer a CUNT!

Tiger Woods the Bi-Africancockcasianasian cheated on this Nordic Goddess for various prostitutes (he paid them for sex) I don't know the gurl but he definitely didn't upgrade.

When you have steak every night of the week sometimes you just want a cheap out of time burger with messy dressings.

I don't care what his or Jesse's marriage problems are loyalty ranks # 1 with Old Knudsen and sticking yer dick into ugly tramps is more of an impulse control and lack of respect problem.

Scott Peterson killed his lovely wife and unborn child because he wanted out of his marriage and thought he was clever enough to get away with it.

He wanted to be with this................ the mind boggles. He still says hes innocent with a cocky smirk on his face and still needs to be shanked in the prison showers after being powned by Bubba and his troop of Neo-Nazis.

Bill Clinton can sure keep the cuntry out of recession but couldn't keep his bendy cock out of Monica............. yuck!

Monica v Hillary c'mon there is no competition Old Knudsen wants the Secretary of State to take a memo.

Dear Ms Rodham Clinton

I want to make hard rough tender love all night with you entering the oval orrifice then giving you a dirty Sanchez, you may come as often as you want that night which on average for Old Knudsen's lady friends would be 74 times in a period of 6 hours, yes some weemen just can't let go and relax.

After Old Knudsen has explored planet Hillary and all her moons he shall blow his wad all over yer face and leave you there completely satisfied though unable to walk for a while.

Yers sincerely

Blow me.

My post is really only about the beautiful Sandra Bullock . I have fallen in love with many of the characters you have played over the years even the gurl in the 1993 film 'The Vanishing' in which yer role was small but made an impact on me.

Just say the word and I'll let yer private jet pick me up. The title of that cunt's show is/was 'Jesse James is a dead man', I can work with that. I will have yer back .......... front and sides and would only sleep with another woman if that was something you wanted..... think Hillary or Mrs Woods as possible 3-way candidates .

I had hoped that after me Sandy had found happiness but for some reason that big gurl's blouse Jesse has made Old Knudsen angry with his actions and I won't be content until I remove all his tattoos with a chainsaw.



MJ said...

This post just proves that you don’t need beauty to attract a man.

All these men had steak at home, as you said, yet they sought out hamburger meat.

As a result, I’ve decided to let myself go.

peedee said...

MJ we got vaginas. Thats all we need.

mago said...

Her name must be Lydia.