Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Rock Pedo Pope

Come on up Old Knudsen we have someone that wants to meet you.

Some people dismiss Gog's plan for us all but still go on about karma. I say Gog as in the Universe not that crazy fucker with the floods, raping virgins and killing yer son to make a point cunt.
The thing is, either way shite and good things are bound to happen. Not so much a plan or some vague rule of karma that if you do something bad you'll get it put back onto you thing.

Old Knudsen does good things without thought and later wonders why he still gets the bad end of karma and so he does something bad because what the fuck does it matter?

For example, priests can go for decades raping young boys and will get away with it because its bad P.R. they do what they please and get a pension then go to heaven if it existed, the last I had heard was they had knocked it doon to build hooses on.

A prick of a husband treats his wife like shite and his kids even worse but he goes years without having to account for himself and can even make them revisit the pain via a divorce which he fights all the way just because he is a cunt.

History is full of people taking advantage hospitality and seeing politeness as weakness and the whole treat people as you would have them treat you doesn't work if everyone doesn't play.

Karma takes its on sweet time. Who doesn't want to think that by going to church you'll have Gog on yer side or by being a nice person nice things will happen to you ?

Its all very impersonal until you are needed by the creepy angels and up until then you have to rely on luck to make sure you don't become colateral in an earthquake or a mugging.

At least 37 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow Metro trains in the morning rush hour.

Good night and may yer Gogs go with you.



Heff said...

Karma's a BITCH, ain't it ?

northern musings said...

No matter... I will always believe that it is better to try and pay it forward... do your best and if you are not the one to get the reward then hopefully someone you know will. Whether there will ever be any divine retribution on all those shitheads out there - i doubt it - but I still need to believe that my bit of good is having an effect. Call me naive... but I think that it makes me feel better and thats really all that counts isn't it - for us to feel better in ourselves. ps hows the passport situation? and I love your shot of brown and obama... Obama is obviously thinking as if I care what you think you fat scots git.

Fat Sparrow said...

Ahhh, karma. Wherefore art thou, karma? And where the fuck are you, karma? Doesn't matter, really. Most days I believe that there's nobody and/or nothing keeping score anyway, and I'm learning to be comfortable with that. Maybe it's better that way, that we do good and not expect any type of recompense or reckoning. I'm sure most of us believe that, anyway, and do good because we are true to ourselves. I don't mind that. And entropy happens, and things fall apart, and we go forward, as we should. But I sure would like the bad guys to take it up the backside once in a while.

And we should be focused on the voyage, not the destination. Of course there's fuck all chance that I'll ever really be able to practice that.

Okay, that was far too deep for me, I'm off to search for hot pics of Gillian Anderson and Simon Pegg.

Old Knudsen said...

Heff: its a woman? that explains the lack of logic.

Muse: How many loads of shit must a person have to take? The Irish plot is still in effect but at least we don't have a volcano. If I got an Iceland passport would the Irish mis-read it?

Sparrow: define doing good, I'd say a matter of perspective. I do many good things without looking for reward then later I step in shit or it steps in me. the score board is broken.
Being true to yerself? what if yer really lying but don't know it?

Reggie said...

Don't worry Old Knudsen, they always get it in the end........or is that the children?!?