Sunday, 14 March 2010

Polishing The Silver

Old Knudsen is conquering all the main sources of social media with the same status just to demonstrate his importance, humility, arrogance and tediousness, his adrenaline-charged, cleverly written idiotic rantings from a fascinating humdrum life, yes Old Knudsen is conflicted and contradictory or he may just have more sides to him than a Scottish clan during a conflict.

Who knows what is in the mind of the great Old Knudsen? well not too difficult to figure out actually unless yer a complete moron ........ cue blank stares.

The status update:

Old Knudsen is so full of self-loathing he berates himself while wanking in front of the mirror.

I blame society, the Devil and a chemical imbalance for how I turned out, well its easier than to take the blame myself. Also when you take personality tests it doesn't help when yer results are this.

Poor Adolf, from a drunken distant father and suffering from serious IBS no wonder he had to prove himself by earning a medal for bravery during WWI, if only Germans knew about chemical imbalances and stop blaming everything on sex (Freud) and the Jews, strange that Freud was Jewish and Austrian (as many claim Hitler to be, part Jewish that is) but also that the Jews had the guilt of killing Jesus who was nailed to a huge erection and that Freud died in 1939 (The actual year WWII started for you Yanks) are we all just prawns of the Gods?

If you Polish off something that means to finish or dispose of quickly and easily or to consume it completely did Hitler and Stalin not kill off a load of Polish? Is Irish stew relating to the Irish stewing over grudges or should we just eat them in a stew ? Polish them off.............. with immigrants? Ach this web of life.

Never mind Spotted Dick, what the fuck is that about? idiot Sassenachs.

Just go and re-think yer lives, free will my arse.


Cathy said...

O I hate myself for doing this but I'm compelled to make a serious point, sourpuss: Once the spotted dick is gone, what's next? See the thinking here? One guy decided Jews and gays were irrelevant and he was given enuf power to kill em off, how long before some new-age failed artist with ADHD grabs enough clout to proclaim all blue-eyed men obsolete therefore useless. The spotted dick theory, my sour friend. Ok enuf berating. WAIT, you enjoy it! Hope my words are flagellatory and as painful as possible. Commere and kiss me, y'ole fool.

Reggie said...

Old Knudsen you're definitely going to hell for writing this one......definitely.

Princess said...

Perhaps you require a new mirror
Mr Knudsen.
Tho it is good to see that you have your rant back!

Fat Sparrow said...

Was it hard to tuck your todger in for that pic? Or was that after the wank?

donn w2Nz said...

Hitler, Mao, and Stalin would not have accomplished anything without manipulating an altogether too accomodating potion of their nation.
I certainly don't think that they should get all of the credit or all of the blame?
Those bastards all had a lot of help.

What is so troubling is that it can, is, and will continue to happen another group in a different country.

We are a virus and I wish that I had taken the red pill and gone back to my Pleasantville dream.

Heff said...

Lol ! This is my favorite of your posts thusfar.