Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Knudsenpedia - Thinland

Finland, a cuntry of 5.4 million people with the average voter age over 50. Seven years of winter and only two - three days of summer makes this place a winter wonderland.

With Abbaland to its west, Japland, Legoland and Russia to its west, Iceland to the north and

Sparta to its south Finland is surrounded and penned in. Rock star and metrosexual ball kicker /licker David Beckham only trusted Finland to operate on his only weakness, his Achilles tendon as Finland's health care is second only to Cuba's health care. Why didn't Beckham go to America to take advantage of its so good 'pay to live health care?' well ask Dennis Quaid and Ted Kennedy.

The people of Finland are depressed alcoholics with guns but this does not stop them from expressing their culture.

The national costume of Finland.

The Finns if you look at the name means they are part Irish which is how they are able to hold grudges against the Russians for so long only to stop their wars to change sides and fight the Germans and then stay neutral during the cold war trying not to piss off Russia ....... monae dude!

Neil Finn the singer of Irish/New Zealand pop band Crowded Hoose.

Finn McCool the famous Irish giant.

There are fake tans and camel toe to be found if you know where too look.

Many Finns have those slitty eyes that can be found on fat people and gooks of colour, this cums from the Sammy people of Lapland who are a bit Mongol. Santa is from Lapland which is ironic since that is where the lap band operation for fat fucks cums from as well as the dance performed well in Nevada .............. so Old Knudsen has heard.

Honourary Lapps are Morten Harket lead singer of A-ha from the cuntry Noway.

Josh Harnett star of such movies like Black Hawk Doon, Pearl Harbour and 40 days and 40 nights which was about vampires and set in Lapland.

Bobby Dinnertime is also an honourary Lapp after he kicked one to death studying for a film role.

Finns are a depressing, resentful but a tolerant people in fact the second most common surname in Finland is Mohammed .

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is quite popular in Finland, well it should be as he is an ambassador for tolerance .

A strange people with a mostly stable cuntry but the people are walking time bombs but anyone who that dislike the Germans more tha the Russians can't be that bad.............. or can they?


Heff said...

Well, we certainly agree about David Beckham...

Reggie said...

The look on that little girls face in the bottom picture is priceless. Though I'm not entirely sure that we're not witnessing the definition of child molestation by merely allowing that child to see her mama show off her skillz.

I guess she's gotta learn sometime.

Anonymous said...

Dislike Germans? Fucking Finns were good volunteers!
And they do tango very well.

peedee said...

Now THATS a birthday cake. I'm moving.

donn w2Nz said...

I want to caption that last photo..
not everyone's piece of cake