Sunday, 28 March 2010

Irish Blog Awards

In Irish time they finally put up the Irish blog winners and I've heard of two of them. No more popular vote it seems in fact I'm not sure what the criteria for the winners were. The two I've heard of are decent enough though I'm a blog writer not a reader.
I've been shortlisted in the past and it was mad, you actually think its important and everyone else is going nuts about it too.

Everyone will say "well done" on their blogs then stew in silent resentment, "how the fuck did they win? thats it I'm deleting my blog and teaching the world a lesson." Even those that pretend not to give a fuck really do because its such hard work talking shite on a blog for no reward except the dream of someone liking yer shite enough to pay you to write it ..... even though you'd do it for free.

Old Knudsen is not an addict and is happy enough when pissing people off to get a legal letter sent to Google from the Diocese of Leeds ......................... best award I ever had.

Well done to the winners, tough shit to the losers only the cool kids don't care about popular votes or what people who say they are judges have to contribute . However if you get a ton of money and yer writing shite career is set when you win then expect me around yer blogs licking yer holes for support next year.

Old Knudsen often goes full retard cos its all about the post.


mago said...

You were really on a list this year? I will have a look at those lists. The fix is in?

mago said...

HEY! I know at least two of them on the final lists: Bock the Robber and the Well Done Fillet - isn't this your old friend Manuel? What JOY! :)

Old Knudsen said...

I believe this is the only year I didn't get anywhere at all.
Some mong who will remain nameless put me into pop culture for some reason.
I didn't even want to join in, its so um Irish, yes failed and corrupt if you must and probably some pedos.

Strange people with 'nice and amusing'blogs won but the better ones didn't so who cares? I don't, being an iconoclast means I'm too cool fer school.

MJ said...

You are in a class all your own.

Fat Sparrow said...

I'm all for new blogs, but... oh who cares, I'm just bitter and not even Irish, fuck it.

mago said...

And you got balls!

Reggie said...

I hate that Kim Kardashian sextape, mostly because it's got the wrong man in it. It really needs a Reggie rather than a Ray J.