Friday, 19 March 2010

In Yer Face

Hughes Christensen a company in Belfast that has made drill bits for the oil and gas companies for years is losing jobs faster than Old Knudsen is losing his hair.

The company is part of US-owned Baker Hughes who have blamed reduced levels of exploration and development spending by its customers coupled with high stock levels of oil and gas....... just cum out and say it, its also Argentina' s fault, oh those wee slimy Nazi lovers don't want anyone but themselves to drill off the Falkland islands and are fucking cunts for having given Madonna a reason for staring in a film.

First minister of Norlin Airlann Peter Robinson has shrugged off being called a part-time MP and being asleep at the wheel as Hughes and other places cut jobs because now (according to his Facebook page) he is in Texas ................. America talking to Mr Baker and Mr Hughes themselves.

Iris says: I like cock but not gheys with cocks!

Is this the action of a part-time MP, taking off for a week? so what if his voting record and attendance is appalling coming in at 618 out of 641 MP's, I'd put the blame squarely between his cockasidal wives' legs as she no doubt had him hand-cuffed to the bed inbetween shagging young restaurant owners.

Also Mr Robinson is an MP so why the fuck does he have to vote? its the voters that doing the voting like duh!

Peter Robinson is a man of action! he has his finger on the trigger of whatever problems he gets emails about or notices on the golf course.

I thought Mr PR himself could do with some help hence the top picture. If you want to charm the Yanks into keeping jobs in Northern Ireland you must:

  • Do not go red in the face and yell "NO!" every time someone says yer Irish, they love Irish here so be a Fenian for pay.
  • Be friendly and smile like you mean it .... yes I know its hard Peter .
  • Do not mention the Yanks being late for two world wars, they had to work up the courage.
  • Americans love themselves so build up their ego about everything being so big.
  • Do not mention how big/fat the Yanks themselves are.
  • Suck off a Texan if you must but get some results as the taigs back home have a delegation from Boston coming doon to sabotage you in the knees.
  • Did you know it was St Paddie's day on Wednesday? I bet you didn't and I hope yer surprise didn't show too much.
  • A silent moment in the conversation? talk guns, like you paramilitaries Texans love guns.
Either cum back with yer shield or on it Spartan.

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peedee said...

True story...
Our country is so fucked right now I wouldnt count on us for anything.