Thursday, 4 March 2010

In The UK The One-Eyed Man Is King

Blind in one eye and dead from the neck up Gordon Brown texture like sun is a pen pusher extraordinaire.

Tony Blair is under the spotlight for blindly following the brave and most honourable George W Bush into battle in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, that is weapons that can kill a lot of people and cause a great deal damage to buildings like chipped paint work and cracked stucco.

The term was first used in 1937 by the then Archbishop of Canterbury about one of the first ariel bombing by the Nazis of the Spanish town of Guernica in which anywhere from 300 - 1000 people died. The numbers were given by the Nazis and the Diego's so are probably both false.

Then during the cold war the term meant NBC weapons and I don't mean the dazzling wit of Jay Leno's writers I mean nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.
Now I suppose it means nukes or long range missiles as its just a news-speak scare term now. I believe the Americans knew exactly what the Iraqis had since they supplied and trained them playing the whole Iran/Iraq game and besides if there was a threat the Israelis would know and send in a hit team or fighter jet only to be lightly slapped on the back of the hand for doing so.

It was Bush jnr making up for the 1991 fuck up of Bush snr and using the UN and WMD as excuses I mean it was so transparent and G W took advantage of the vulnerable and weak willed after the 9/11 attack. Now of course you have everyone saying they may have voted for it but never backed the war.

Now we have all that clear lets get back to one of the most influential nations of all time the British. The now Prime Minister Gordon Brown texture like sun is to give testimony in the Tony Blair witch trial.
Testimony comes from the ancient Roman habit of the holding of the testicles when declaring a true statement or holding onto another person's nuts when they gave an oath, we know Blair was sucking on Bush's testicles for years and maybe stroking the shaft and swallowing the gravy but that is for another photoshop day.

Gordon Brown texture like sun is using the old Saddam wasn't following UN law excuse which is very lowland Scottish and slimy .............. well done Mr Brown.

He should not get away *scot free* because in Old Knudsen's book he has many things to answer for.
Before inheriting the PM job Gordon Brown texture like sun
was the Chancellor in charge of spending. Knowing Blair was going to go to war Brown was still cutting military spending, troops were going into battle with inadequate equipment much like what Donald Rumsfeld was doing with the Yanks and if you remember correctly Old Knudsen did a post demanding to get rid of Rumsfeld and shortly after he resigned the proof is here

There were a few armoured vehicles which broke down and didn't have any parts to fix them with so the military used their 'Snatch Land Rovers' did they get their name because you'd have to be a stupid cunt to go into battle in one?

Old Knudsen knows that back in the day we never whined about armour but now war is a lot more dangerous and less fun ............. ok its still fun but with every civvie cunt having a Blueberry and twatting all over the place dead service people don't go doon too well.

These Land Rovers are what the police and army have used in Northern Ireland for decades to deal with petrol bombs and half bricks but not much use against road side bombs, RPG's and rifles that fire 7.62x39 rounds.

Brown was willing to use these cheap and already available mobile coffins because like Rumsfeld he wasn't going to be in them.
People wonder why Old Knudsen is so jaded and full of hate well politicians of any flavour tend to have that effect on him, its like "Which one of these (two) candidates will be the lesser cunt?" Then the people in the lower jobs follow their example.

To quote an epitaph from a WWI grave stone by a grieving father, "To the world he was a soldier, to me he was the world."

*Scot is from an Old Norse word that meant a payment and is linked to the modern French ├ęcot, a share of communal expenses. Those who got off with paying their scot got the term scot free.*


TROLL Y2K said...

Interesting distortion of history, Knudles. GW Bush used the term "weapons of mass destruction" as a reason to enforce the cease-fire agreement exactly ONCE. Probably at the urging of Tony Blair and Colin (douchebag) Powell.

Tony Blair used it some 170 times according to Nexus/Lexus.

Blair and Powell were also the primary reason Bush jacked-off for 11 months trying to outbribe the French, Krauts, Russkies, and Chinks in order to get podunk Countries to approve the action and send a token 12 rear-guard troops.

It was also Blair and Powell who insisted that we NOT secure the oil fields. And Blair and Powell who pushed the stupid rules-of-engagement that hampered the effort.

Had Blair and Powell not been involved, the Cease-Fire Agreement Enforcement would have gone MUCH smoother.

Perhaps most importantly, Turkey would have allowed us to attack from the North using their territory.

Northern musings said...

All I have to say is that I am very very disappointed in the big bully brownman. He could be putting our Icelandic trillionaires in jail - afterall most of them live in the UK now. Rather that coming after us poor cuntry folk...

Fat Sparrow said...

"about one of the first ariel bombing by the Nazis of the Spanish town of Guernica"

They dropped mermaids on them? Hmmmm, I'll have to go look at that Picasso again...

Reggie said...

George W. Bush is an oxygen thief that should have never been elected dog catcher of the state of Texas, much less President of the United States. It's just a testament of the stupidity of the American people that he was elected twice. It would have been one thing if they were stupid enough to elect him once, but we were all aware that he was dead from the neck up by the end of the first term. No, no one can claim that they didn't have a choice or they didn't know. If anything he should have been tried for war crimes after he left office, yet another failing of Barack Obama's.

The people that have the balls to defend GWB are hysterical to me. I just don't understand how they can fix their mouths to say he had half a brain or had any grasp on reality.