Friday, 26 March 2010

How Innocent Is The Pope?

The last Pope to have the nerve to be named Innocent was Pope Innocent the 13th who died in 1724. Old Knudsen stopped watching the Innocent Popes after the second one because the rest just phoned it in then they introduced the young boy sidekick and that was just creepy.

It just keeps going on and on. Anywhere from
94,939 to 103,588 civilians have been killed in Iraq since 2003 but thats not news . Taxes, health care reforms, celebrity dirty dicks, reality shows, lying politicians ,corrupt banks and of course the pedo supporting Catholic church now all that is news.

Only Old Knudsen spares a thought for the people just trying to live a life but cunts with guns are deciding the future of the cuntry instead and don't care who gets shot.

Murphy on the left with the hard on.

Back to the real news. Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy was a priest at a school for deaf boys in the 50's onwards and molested over 200 of the little sexy boys. Look at the picture and wonder if any of those kids are being put through hell at that time by Murphy.

Aruthur Budzinski was 12, and went to Murphy for confession but was instead was molested by him in a secluded stairway between two buildings. He was again molested at the age of 14.

"You're real handsome," Budzinski recalled the priest telling him. "You are a real handsome boy."

In 1974
Budzinski and a couple of the graduated boys came forward but were told the statute of limitations had expired.

In 1996 the then Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger (now the Pope) telling him about Murphy and his ways and being faced with dismissal Murphy wrote to the Cardinal saying he had repented and was old and sick and guess what ? yep nothing came of it. Murphy died 2 years later aged 72.

Father Murphy said he believed his victims consented, telling a psychotherapist, “I could tell if they like it because they didn’t push me away." So he knew they liked it.

Not a one off story but now a story that gets told so often its almost a Catholic clergy requirement for the job.

Of course you all know Old Knudsen thinks Pedos, rapists, murderers and lemurs should be killed, perhaps by an angry Asian . Let me save the anti-death penalty mongs the trouble, "What if it was your own brother charged with molesting his own daughter would you have him killed then?"

Well Mr Adams I wouldn't cover it up like you I'd get a bit of clothes line and strangle the fucker with it and get my henchman Martin behind you there to make the body vanish.

"killing is not the answer" ach fuck off and why do you like pedos so much would the world not be a better place without them since they always get out on good behaviour and repeat offend? If it was a dog that kept biting you'd put it doon.

The good guy fights the bad guy, the lame idealist good guy doesn't kill the bad guy for fear of becoming like the bad guy, the sensible good guy does kill him because he knows a lawyer will get him off and he'll come back for revenge in a sequel also the good guy knows he won't be raping anyone just putting an end to the horror the bad guy inflicts........... like duh!

Get yer moral compass sorted out you have a magnet stuck to it.

Old Knudsen is sick of all this 'you can't touch us crap' the priests that is not the boys. I couldn't stay in a church that was so morally bankrupt .......... then again what other job is a priest going to do? They can't relate to real people and know fuck all about life merely following orders from a power that is bigger than Gog , yeah maybe they can work for the Inland Revenue service or some other pen pushing position with power over people.

Old Knudsen is lying on his sick bed with the gravy pouring off him. Damn my illness, I have an addiction to prescription drugs that I take to keep my sex addiction under control, like I said its an illness so its not my fault anyway I repent so fuck yas all. Old Knudsen will be in Heaven throwing up on you lot in Hell.

Remember ......... lusting after a woman that has the body of a 12 year-old boy is legal and normal, lusting after any 12 year-old.

Is sick and acting upon it is against the law . Maybe people just don't know all of this Old Knudsen may have to do pubic announcements on the telly or something.

Well done to the Olson twins for teaching all of those "They'll be legal soon" middle aged pervs a lesson, for didn't they go to extra trouble to look minging and junkie like when they did turn legal HA!

It must be time for Old Knudsen to email the Vatican ........... again, they ignore me but I'm totally sick of the whole situation.



peedee said...

The Pope is just as guilty as the priest in light of all the info coming out. The Catholic Church is full of hippocrites. arseholes. all of 'em.

Fat Sparrow said...

Wasn't one letter from the Dicocesean lawyer threatening you with legal action enough? Oh no, you want one from a Vatican lawyer, too.

Reggie said...

The pope definitely looks like a dude that buggers children......definitely.