Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Give Us Yor Money

Former Ethiopian rebel leaders and a CIA assessment uncovered by a broadcaster and leaked by a burnt out blogger who is owed $245.00 in back pay by those cunts showed that millions of dollars raised by the 1985 Live aid concerts went to militants and were spent on weapons.

It was a good time for the Norlin Airlann troubles so having Bob Geldof and Bono involved who are both Irish and therefore terrorist by association (no offense to other Irish people who are probably terrorists as well) but as you can plainly see there is still starvation in Africa so the money wasn't all spent on Happy meals.

The skinny Ethiopian government was fighting rebels up the provinces of Eritrea which sounds painful and also in Tigray which Geldof named one of his kids after.

Geldof doesn't want the news that 11 million went to weapons detract from what the event achieved which was ..................... a lot of dinners spoilt as they put on starving babies on the news during tea-time.

Maybe some were saved and went on to breed others who needed saved or became rebels and Clooney had to save others from them in Darfur but don't worry if all the money Bill Gates sent over was used for weapons they would probably break and glitch after a couple of upgrades and its a proven fact that you can't club as many to death with a rifle than shooting them and clubbing reduces the carbon foot print that weapons fire would create.

On 2 July 2006 there was 'Live 8' which was Geldof yapping at the G-8 leaders during yet more concerts, no one remembers much about the event but it was heavily criticized though not by the rebels in Africa. The next event will cut the bull and just be called 'Live rounds'.


Heff said...

Never cared much for Geldof, myself. He always seemed a little too proud of himself, and I never have that problem personally.

Reggie said...

See that's why I never gave to Live Aid, that and the fact that I'm cheap as hell!!!

Fat Sparrow said...

"a lot of dinners spoilt as they put on starving babies on the news during tea-time."

You are a right bastard, but you make me laugh. Maybe even LOL.

Cathy said...

In all seriousness (o dear) the problem was in thinking money could solve these horrors in the first place.

Old Knudsen said...

Bombs full of diseased monkey blood are the answer.