Thursday, 11 February 2010

Recession Hits Hard In Iraq

A well trained professional always patrols in clumps with his weapon held with one hand in the air or clutching onto the magazine. Staggered formation with yer weapon in yer shoulder holding onto the weapon grip is for the weak and makes crap photos.

Hundreds of private security jobs have been lost in Iraq because the US backed puppet Iraqi government doesn't want armed Americans with high testosterone and alcohol levels wondering the streets like its the wild west.

Well fuck you Iraq and the camel you rode in on who are they to tell the US who can and cannot walk about with guns? they do it all the time themselves . Blackwater may have been accused of killing 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square in crowded Baghdad in 2007 but those charges were dismissed by a federal judge so WTF?

Old Knudsen is disgusted that at a time like this our supposed allies are adding to our economic woes by firing trigger happy ex veterans too old for this shit who only want to earn $1000 a day which is probably what all the US troops are getting right?

In 2005 the US government paid Blackwater $409,000 for 14 guards and 4 vehicles to protect a temporary morgue in baton Rouge during the Katrina adventure. These men are so highly trained their shit cums out on red alert who will protect our embassies and people in Iraq now?

The US troops in Iraq are no doubt grateful that Blackwater (now named Xe) are there to get $1000 a day in less hostile and more air conditioned surrounding so they can get on with the re-building of Iraq.

How dare you Iraq! Don't make Old Knudsen have to call some people up and invade yer arse.


Anonymous said...

You greedy old sucker - yer just jealous that they did not recruit you, ha!

Fat Sparrow said...

Mago's right.

Your man up there looks like he has clumps in his pants.

Reggie said...

Gee I wonder what would have happened if that oxygen thief George W. Bush had never invaded Iraq?!? Oh yeah, there'd be plenty of people in Iraq and from the armies that invaded her that would still be alive and the United States wouldn't have wasted trillions of dollars chasing our tails in Iraq.

What a fucking idiot.

Donnw/2nz said...

Now those are the kind of jobs that will really kickstart the economy...damn!