Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pedo Love And Fat Poofs

There are questions in life that will always need answered:

Does my bum look too big?

What did I do during my last blackout?

Who will be the next James Bond?

Will we ever shake that parasite known as Africa off our collective leg?

The biggest question of all isn't about the meaning of life, Old Knudsen has already told you that one (should have paid attention) its who will replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?

Old Knudsen has been asked but I too have had my fill with the home of the sheep and the land of the ignorant. Howard Stern and Jason Timberland have been mentioned but really how difficult is it to replace a fat English poof with a sarky tongue? Britain is full of them.

Go Yank and get Carson from Queer eye in there he is a laugh riot. Old Knudsen does not watch these shows as his IQ is too high but big fucking deal the guy who gave us Robson & Jerome is leaving I say hang the bastard for war crimes instead.

Speaking of cunts.

The Pope is holding a meeting with the top Irish Fenian kiddie diddlers about the subject of child abuse and how to stop those sexy wee kids from tempting the priests.

He'll sit doon with all the cardinals and bishops and will say in his Nazi accent (to say German would imply all Germans were Nazis) "What about this child abuse then?" one bishop will raise his hand and say, "Eric was a good ride" followed by high fives,"yeah I totally converted Seamus, in the ass" says another.

Old Knudsen has applied for the position of the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles,as pedo shuffler extraordinaire Roger Mahony is to retire. Maybe demanding to be made Pope (though my emails were ignored) was a little too aggressive. I'll start out small then work my way up clawing at the festering scab that is the Vatican from below swimming in the puss that is their hypocrisy.

On a nice note its Valentine day which cums from a Roman orgy festival so don't say it with roses say it with lube and butt plugs. Flowers are one of the most useless presents there is and the wankers that sell them gouge you at this time of the year.

To quote the film 'Love story', "Love is ....... putting up with shit."

For his Saturday dinner Old Knudsen had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy and green things called vegetables must be American, no one dictates to Old Knudsen when he has to have his Christmas dinner. Enjoy yer forced romance you sheep to the system.


Momentary Madness said...

Does consciousness really exist?
What happens when I die?
(Don’t worry you’ll be dead)

Cathy said...

Wake up, I want to kiss you for being such a sour ole truth-teller. So tired of being polite about rude things, like priestly pedoes and the grandeur of true love. Yer right about St. Valentine, another organized religious myth stolen from the grand heyday of classic Rome. Stay sour, OBB, it helps the crapola go down.

Reggie said...

You're such a cynical old bastard.

Anonymous said...


And let me know when you go to Rome, I'll teach you some words ...

Donnw/2nz said...

You forget how marvelous it is to be able to write what you think...gawd I gotta get away from FB but it's so easy and I am so lazy.
You should see if you've made the Vatican's internet-shit list..that would be way cool.