Saturday, 9 January 2010


Mrs Robinson I'd like to Fuck! ..................... Inn and out.

Not to be out done by Gerry Adams and his 20 year support of his own child abusing brother the Dup who shares power in Northern Ireland with Sinn Féin came up with a far more interesting story.
Who cares about abused children and senior politicians covering it up and then lying about it? a 59 year-old woman fucking a 19 year-old man is far more interesting ........... what if there is a sex tape?
Peter Robinson the first minister of Northern Ireland isn't enough for his cuntry or his wife. The luxury cars, impressive property portfolio in Northern Ireland and their holiday home in Florida couldn't keep his cock craving wife happy.

Iris from the "Swish Family Robinson" wanted "danger, danger sex Iris Robinson". She had a fling with 19-year-old Kirk McCambley who she had known since he was a sexy wee 9 year-old.

Deep throating Iris borrowed £50,000 from various people even though the couple between them earned £571,939.41p last year and gave it to Kirk Diggler to open up the Lock Keepers' Inn.

Not far from the Inn is the five-star Ramada hotel where in 2005 Paul Berry a gospel singer and a very active DUP member was caught having sex with a man he met on an online ghey chat-room.

Child diddling, marital affairs, pay offs, padded expenses and gheys ............. it nearly is a united Ireland as the north is getting on like the south.

The DUP stands for traditional homespun family values and born-again Christianity ...... as long as that means Protestant duh! No gheys or cock sucking Fenians allowed as is written in the bible though repentant hoors are ok so we'll see how this plays out.

When high profile men fuck around they are next seen in front of the camera holding the well bribed hand of a quiet but supportive wife.

The deputy minister of Northern Ireland's power sharing/arguing government ex IRA terrorist Martin McGuinness was too busy celebrating to make a comment.

Old Knudsen hopes this crappy tabloid story doesn't distract from the recent attacks on security forces by cowardly scum such as The Real IRA, Continuity IRA and Óglaigh na hÉireann, learn ta speak fucking English ya cunts! Did Cromwell no teach ya anything?

They have all targeted Catholic recruits to the Police Service of Northern Ireland PSNI. A tactic similar to the one used by the Provisional IRA at the start of the Troubles when it killed Catholics in the police and army to deter the nationalist population from supporting the security forces.
Lets follow similar tactics in a war we lost......... you can tell older ex IRA men are helping them out.

A couple of days ago Constable Peadar Heffron aged 33 an Irish language specialist for the PSNI was critically injured when a bomb went off underneath his car. He has been in the police for 10 years and was recently married. He is related to a senior Sinn Fein member. Old Knudsen's prayers are with him and his family.

On a lighter note the loyalist paramilitary 53 year-old Michael Stone was sentenced to 16 years in prison for trying to blow up Sinn Fein members at Stormont in 2006.
He wasn't given life as he suffers from a degenerative muscle-wasting condition (and drain bamage) that will confine him to a wheelchair in the future.

You just know in 20 years he'll strap some explosives onto his chair and go full speed at some taigs.


Reggie said...

Damn and here I thought that politics in the United States were fucked up; apparently we've got nothing on the Irish.

In our country it's said that the only thing that can truly ruin a politician is being caught with a dead girl or a live boy.

Old Knudsen said...

A dead gurlyboy spoiled my US Senate bid.

Anonymous said...

I would like to strap Michael Stone and all the rest of the early release fuckers and their supporters to wheelchairs made out of semtex, push them all over a cliff and then press the detonate button.
However, since the idiot electorate voted to let all that scum out of jail, its unlikely that Jim will fix it for me.

MJ said...

cock sucking Fenians

I love it when you secretly reach out to me with Fenian cocksucking references.

Anonymous said...

Still troubles on the islands?

Old Knudsen said...

BOO: I saw Stone buying stuff for his new hoose not long after his release he looked very nervous.

MJ: I do it for you baby.

Mago: There will be more when i get over.

Princess said...

Dear Mr Knudsen,
I am pleased to read that the New Year has not interfered with your levels of Pluck and Vitriol!
I commend you!
Two photos on sparate blogs on the one day of the lovely young Dustin.
Princess is overcome with delight!
Do you have some kind of kinky konekktion with Mr Eros?
Luv Princess XXX

Anonymous said...

Be careful when you go back. They have a new law there, saying God is always right. and who says different will be sent to the Lager ...

Anonymous said...

Found your blog thru your comment on Claires blog ''AJ superhero'' . She's a friend. You have a funny slant on the fucked up cunts on our island.And there are many.Your humour is similar to our dear friend in Santa Monica sisterwolf on goddammit i'm mad blogspot. You should hook up. I understand you're coming to our green shores, to fuck Iris Robinson obviously' let us know if you're in Dublin. I'll buy you a pint, Bill