Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday Fuck UP

Where is Old Knudsen? Some say hes still up in them der mountains and helps stranded hikers to safety or hes farting about on Fuckbook doing this Like i can remember how ta do links
as some who glance at this blog know already what hes doing . Old Knudsen has stalkers all over the Interweb!

I may have found a ween of relatives in and around the Limerick direction but I still stay true to meself because I know they will never evolve to my level.

The bog trotters on an island that gets rain mostly every day have run out of water in some parts. That is like the English running out of stupidity or the Canadians running out of boring or the Americans riding on power scooters as they are too fat to run.

Tahiti or some where had an earthquake and its close enough to America to get attention, its like a closer cause than Africa and before the quake was becoming more trendy hence the ton of do-gooders getting caught in it. You don't see any getting caught in the several barely mentioned quakes in South America or Asia.

Yes Old Knudsen has issues with what is news and what isn't 50 die in Iraq but Paris Hilton shaves her minge!

I'm bored with blogging or haven't you noticed? Facebuck is the extent I'm willing to bother with. If ya want to be told what to think ask Sarah Palin, she got a job at Fox news ah finally a person with common sense and good Christian family values unlike that Iris Robinson hoor that who is obviously a frakking Cylon.

In the UK they do things differently, if you fuck some young buck on the side and hide the money you paid him and the husband is implicated you don't go on the telly holding hands and crying for forgiveness, no ya lock the slapper up and say all that teenage jizz made her El Pollo Loco and take a wee holiday.

I'm off for a wee holiday............. 'don't ask' but gurly boys are nothing but big drama queens that stamp all over yer heart.
I just like to stop in now and then to show you how I'm doing. The day before yesterday I saw 3 Hispanics shoving a small black man against the wall, the usual mugging scenario except the black lad was giving a good account of himself. Old Knudsen isn't telling you this to be called a hero but I don't see colour.
Nigger, spic, mulatto, cappuccino I see people as people not as colours which was why the CIA terminated my services or at least they tried cos no I really am colour blind ...................... TRAFFIC LIGHTS ARE FOR THE WEAK!!!! so I rushed in to help with no regard for my own safety as Old Knudsen has done many times before.

I'm telling you that wee coon was tough but me and the illegals got him but good. He had money on him which is why he fought so hard..................... must have been a drug dealer.

So I'm off fer now be good or just don't be.


Momentary Madness said...

Okay, bend over; you might feel a little prick.
Happy now?

Leah said...

Hi you. Nice link.

Reggie said...

Whenever I think of Sarah Palin, I think to myself that somewhere there is a village missing an idiot. said...

That was delightful as always, dear. ;-)

MJ said...

We will never run out of boring.

A fresh supply has just been airdropped, in fact.

Master Basho said...

Racist conclusion.
Coon's cash source could be legit.
Sports? Rap? Welfare-Check?

Princess said...

Congratulations Mr Knudsen,
I applaud your astute worldly observations, you say what others only think. Bravo!

Boxer said...

please send postcards.