Thursday, 26 November 2009

Yer Not Ugly Yer Just Not Good Looking

Whats in a name? I've been discussing the theory of evolution and religion recently and it got me thinking. Its a theory, unlike gravity which is a law.
Who decides to upgrade the names ? If you have theory in the title then its just an idea lets call everything theory. The theory of Catholicism, the theory of religion because while there seems to be more proof to evolution religion gets more credence.

Polar bears are just brown bears who evolved er sorry adapted to a different environment which is why they can still interbreed.

The History channel is able to tell us what Jesus did though there is no proof but it suggests we are related to chimps and evolved from hairy hillbillies even though the DNA and bones say so.

You'd call Christianity a religion but all those other so-called religions before it get called mythology and Scientology gets called a cult even though its Pope is dead.

The Troubles in Northern Ireland is never called a war but I think the 29 who died in the Omagh Bombing and other bombings and shootings might argue if they could.

The Falklands war usually gets called the Falklands conflict but when one army goes against the other that seems like a war to me or Vietnam was just an anti-commie raid so lets not pay any compensation.

The 6 day war I mean WTF? to Old Knudsen that sounds like a deadly romp in the sand. Desert Storm or the first Gulf war was more of a roll in and take prisoners than actual fighting. There is more fighting on the US/Mexico border with the drug wars .

It used to be that it was only a war if declared just like how the terrorists in Northern Ireland all got out of prison because they weren't terrorists they were political prisoners.

The gospel truth, truth is a matter of perspective unless its fact. Lets call abortion murder because while Old Knudsen supports it due to no other option it is indeed murder and if we can kill babies why not prisoners in prison who are not innocents ?

Oh thats right the unborn baby isn't a person yet its only a fetus even though it eats, shits and feels pain.

See what I mean about titles yet?

Atheists are oxymorons because by saying they don't believe in god they give themselves a name so therefore they must believe in a god enough to do that.

A lot of names are just ways to manipulate and not give it any power or legs to become official, lets call Thanksgiving genocide followed by a nice turkey dinner, does it have to be about the Pilgrim settlers?

The long and the short of it is Darwin may be right or the Pope may be right nothing will be proved or settled either way just like a doctor that won't make a diagnosis in case he gets sued for guessing wrong.

Old Knudsen does not follow religion he is more spiritual and would rather trust himself than some two faced funt preaching about how the Lard wants him to have a new BMW. You can be religious or spiritual and still be informed and educated, a closed mind means a closed heart. Now go my children and decide for yerselves but be open to change yer opinion.... I have spoken.


MJ said...

A closed mind also means a closed sphincter.

Northern musings said...

Again, brilliance within the madness. I so totally agree, I see we have had a similar upbringing, good christian parents who tried their hardest - but then we questioned - "but it says here that the angels of god found the daughters of man delightful and had pleasure with them" or something of the like... "so paster/father/preacher - can you explain that? ".. I got a lot of blank looks during my girls brigade days... I think that the pastor of the congregational church thought I had a very good resemblence to Linda Blair.....

Northern musings said...

thought I had a very good resemblence...
Where did I learn English.. oh yes thats right - australia
I guess all is forgiven..
meant ofcourse I reminded him alot of linda blair.

Donn said...

You're right...and if the climate keeps warming then the Polar Bears will revert back to their Grizzly origin. Apparently scientists have already found instnces where Polars are changing their maybe it's already started?

If Religion wasn't such big bu$ine$$ it would be easier for the proprietors to release their psychological grip on their customers and let their people go!

Scout said...

Have been away from here for a long time—I'm glad I found this post, Knudsen. I agree 100%. Weird, huh? I have a million questions—like Northern Musings—and finally gave up and left the church all together. Spirituality seems much more important, and it doesn't come with fights about evolution.