Monday, 9 November 2009

Sex Mad

Einstein proved you could have hours of endless fun as promised on TV commercials by using his string theory but other commercial sayings stick in Old Knudsen's hed and pop up at odd times like when hes having a shit.

Cocco pops had a catch phrase, "So chocolaty it turns the milk brown" it just seemed wrong to me.

Now that one is beat, Honey bunches of oats has the attractive woman above saying, "Its like a mouth full of joy"

Do you know what you get when you search for a mouthful of joy? Yes messy eaters.

Holiday snaps.

Tender meat cuts.................... must be kosher.


Anonymous said...

BUcket please ...

Fat Sparrow said...

Mago, when you're done with that bucket... Ooops, too late.

Oh sweet baby jeebus, word verification is "barfe"!

savannah said...

yeah, i just vomited a little in my mouth, but i am laughing anyway, sugar! xoxoxox

Northern musings said...

I am ignoring the last photo - but tell me where is penis rock located?