Friday, 6 November 2009

The Pope Is A Dog

Old Knudsen has sent three emails to the Pope telling him to step doon upon the orders of Gog and you know what the evil looking fint has done? He went on an altar boy buggering sabbatical leaving Eli the chihuahua in charge in order to mock Old Knudsen.

A rat dog? whats next a lemur? Gog is a God of love but may very well smite Benny Dick doon and all that would be left would be his Gucci loafers.

Why a dog? you may ask well what is dog spelled backwards? just like Pope spelled backwards is Epop which cums from the ancient Sumerian Daemon Mailer Epopal which did indeed return one of my mails 8 days after it was sent.

Well Mr Pope it is on! You are going doon and not on any young boys this time as is yer Catholic way.


Selchie said...

ha ha great opening.)

MJ said...

That's one of the chihuahuas from PNW Films, isn't it?

mago said...

Well Soren, my bets are on the Pope, no hard feelings here, but men like Henry VIII tried - and look at the poor results!
Maybe they'll approach you and offer you a position?

Fat Sparrow said...

At least the Chihuahua looks less evil than the current Pope.

Probably less likely to bite, too.

Todios said...

That is Eli, the Celebrity Chihuahua! (Or as Bob would say, Chee Hoo-a Hoo-a.)

Donn met twee n's said...

There is prolly a law against this sort of thing in Massachewtoys.