Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Old Knudsen Gets Racist

Old Knudsen just wants his reader to think for a second or two about what exactly is racist and what is accepted. A blue eyed blonde Jesus for starters.

Scottish and English people playing Spartans, nothing too radical yet right?

Ziyi Zhang who is Chinese playing a Jap in Memoirs of a Geisha.

A woman in green face.

A penguin squirting out jizz after getting raped by a scientist.

Two happy wee children with friendly old Adolf Hitler, did yer knee jerk reaction to Hitler kick in on this one?

Eddie Murphy made up as a Jewish man.

Brown pride, whats the big deal I've seen kids go to school in Brown pride t-shirts?

Black pride, well I guess they can have black pride because of slavery right?

White pride, well that just sounds racist to me.

Jeff Chandler in red face.

Two black dudes made up to look like hot white weemen.

A white man in black face. What about that knee jerk?

A black man in white face.

Yet another white man in black face .

Racism like most other things has a double standard and while some things are acceptable and over looked other things have you dragged over the coals. A white person can't say nigger without people flinching but a black person can say cracker.

A black man can wear white face but a white man can't wear black face why? unless of course its done as comedy and then its edgy.

Old Knudsen is not necessarily proud to be white or a man but he is proud of the type of person he has becum. Its true I don't like many many people of all races but that is just because they are funts.
Old Knudsen has been discriminated against by black and brown people in roles of minor authority here in America and it wasn't pleasant as I would treat them like any other wog funt no matter what colour they were.

Old Knudsen had no slaves nor did he invade China raping and killing as he went so I will not be ashamed of my colour or held accountable for the actions of others, the race card doesn't get played here yer a funt until proven otherwise.


Leah said...

I must admit that I generally operate under the "yer a funt until proven otherwise" principle as well. Those are words to live by.

Selchie said...

Yeah just another way of creating division. No knee jerks here, but jerks a plenty when it comes to PC.

MJ said...

Is anyone up for a circle jerk?

Anonymous said...

Hallo weenies!

Fat Sparrow said...

Yup, agreed.

Northern musings said...

Nothing to add to that... all too true.

Sneppoc Einnod said...

Hear Hear.
Political correctness will be the death of equality.

The orangehaired Jayzuz was an obvious tribute to King James the First but it sure stuck around.

PC has only heightened tensions.

Reggie said...

I guess you're right, I sure as hell flinched when you said nigger; but then again, I don't use the word myself.