Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Old Knudsen Gets Mauled

Old Knudsen got dressed up and went to the Mall. It was an interesting time he had.

So many mouth watering foods. Wouldn't you just want to gag on one of these?

The dirty Jap place which was situated by some restrooms kept trying to give people who were going in for a shite free samples maybe it was to help them go.

I got talking to this underwear model about the history of rim jobs from the 19th century on, she had a lot to contribute to the conversation and when her husband has a cage match she has invited me over for tea and oral sex.

Speaking of cage fighting I got to slap about this Aryan looking fella. I like it better when they bleed.

Then I got talking to a 40 something year-old woman who was in great shape and she let me take a picture to have fun over later, Yank weemen are so accommodating when you tell them yer rich.

I then paid a dollar to be violated by this massage chair, I didn't get a happy ending not even after 3 minutes but I got the feeling it won't call me.................. all chairs are bastards.

Old Knudsen did find his perfect woman, now all he has to do is hunt down the gurl this was made from, no nagging, no running away love is great.


MJ said...

When I've had quite enough of shopping at department stores, I wander into the furniture department and plunk myself doon in a massage chair. (The ones that are for sale and FREE to sit in, provided the sales staff don't notice you've been there too long).

My friend used to lie doon for a wee nap in the beds until a salesperson would come along and shoo her away.

Northern musings said...

You lucky lucky bastard... you have a mall!