Saturday, 7 November 2009

OC And D

Here is a real leaflet we got through the door. Old Knudsen looked at the various stains he has left since moving in and so hired this company to clean the hoose.

Three people came in, one cleaned the mirrored coffee table one cleaned the bathtub and the other keep checking to see if the doors were locked and the cooker (stove) was turned off. There was a lot of hand washing breaks and they are still funking here. The lad at the coffee table started crying about an hour ago.

There was talk about counting the silver ware.

The only reason Old Knudsen didn't hire Tourettes Hoosekeeping was the abuse he got over the phone.


dai said...

As long as Woohoo's Mum and Dad haven't been bothered with the stains you should have just told this lot to either get the job done or fuck off.

Donn met twee n's said...

they are FBI agents collecting DNA?!