Thursday, 5 November 2009

Military Psychiatrist Goes Nuts

Major Nidal Malik Hasan a 39 year-old military psychiatrist didn't like the fact that he was to be sent to Iraq and had even hired a lawyer to try to get out of it .

The US-born Muslim decided his only option was to walk through Fort Hood military base in Texas with 2 guns killing 12 of his fellow soldiers and wounding 31.

He was wounded and captured. You see you only carry weapons on a military base if yer on yer way to the shooting range so he had easy targets.

You are an American who rose to the rank of Major in the army, so what if you are a Muslim? Yer a facking soldier well now hes a traitor and yet again has given Muslims a bad name, who can you trust are they really on our side?

The military are not big thinkers and yes he no doubt got racial harassment but who doesn't?

You join the British army from Northern Ireland and get looked doon on by the English and called 'Paddy' even if yer a Prod and you never seem to get paired up with the Scots who are looked doon upon as sheep shaggers but are closer to Ulster folk than the English.

Old Knudsen is disgusted at soldiers who don't do their job its not like they were going to give a psychiatrist a rifle and make him go building to building flushing out insurgents. He didn't have to kill his own obviously he didn't see the other troops as his own.

Hang the fudge rocket high!

This emergency post wants to point out that all psychiatrists seem to be funting nuts from this reporter's experience.


Donn met twee n's said...

A few years ago, Psychiatrists passed Dentists as the professionals with the highest rate of suicide. Congratulations.
Whatever happened to Physician, heal thyselves for f*ck sake!

I am asuming that this asshat believed that he would be gunned down and had planned on fondling his 72 virgins this morning. Instead he'll be in a cell using all of his fancy schmancy psycho-babble to create a "crazy" defense plea.

Too bad he is in a Military Court and none of that sh*t matters. He will be executed, his family shunned and every muslim soldier in the US services will now be peeling potatos with plastic knives for the rest of eternity.

Why didn't he give himself a script for Happy pills like all of the others. Imagine what Tom Cruise is going to say now.

Anonymous said...

Nothing I could say.

Fat Sparrow said...

It's not the thought of going to Iraq. It's just Texas. Texas makes people crazy.

If you use that as a defense you are bound to get off.