Monday, 16 November 2009

Let Poofters Marry

Old Knudsen has stepped up to participate in the NO H8 campiagn. Old Knudsen believes that poofs should be allowed to marry because why should they miss out on the suffering that is marriage ? ach waterboarding is a doddle. For too long have fart knockers been treated like they are something special just because they like to help Willy Wonka in ways the Oompa Loomas just can't.

If Spain which is a fascist cuntry the last time I looked (1945) and will allow ghey marriage then WTF land of the free?
Don't go quoting the bible at Old Knudsen or I'll start quoting Dan Brown or Michael Crichton which will make as much sense.

Let the Caribbean Plunderers do what they want with their adult consensual bootys and let them enjoy a good divorce like the rest of us.


MJ said...

I misread the title as Merry Poofters.

Momentary Madness said...
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Momentary Madness said...

I have questions perhaps trivial to many, but burning to me: “do poofters give each other blowjobs.
Did the Queen ever give the Prince a blowjob. How is a blowjob defined? Is it a waterboarding experience with more substance?
Is it sex or just part of the mother complex?

Will I go to Spain on my holidays this year?
O ye, and what the hell is a Caribbean plunderer? (a Richard Branson/Paul McCartney type-a-thing?)

Fat Sparrow said...

I see that your post has completely ignored the issue of bean flickers marrying. Please clarify your stance on this at once.

dai said...

my word verification thingy is "fluff". fitting innit?

Donn said...

Spain? Really?

The Merkins won't allow heterosexually challenged people to marry until after the Rapture or the Mayan Comet thingamabob in 2012...
whichever comes first.

Reggie said...

I agree.

Heterosexual marriage is same sex marriage, it's the same sex everyday. Homosexuals should have the same right to be just as miserable as us heterosexual types.