Monday, 2 November 2009

Kniock Knock, Whose There? Well Its Not The Mother Of Jesus

Knock in western Ireland has been inundated with faithful mongs hoping to see an image of the Virgin Mary. That would be the Jewish mother of Jesus and the Catholic graven image the taigs so wrongly worship.
Old Knudsen is just telling you in case you get it confused with Venus or Aphrodite whom Mary was based upon hence the name Mary 'Mer' the sea the blue robes and shell motifs as Venus was born from the ocean just off the coast of Ballyhalbert in Northern Ireland .

Joe Coleman who said that he saw and spoke with Mary is a clairvoyant and spiritual healer, he is not expecting any monetary reward or anything as you'll find out if you book a healing session at his clinic in Ballyfermot which has now gotten a ton of publicity.

Coleman says you have to stare at the sun in order to be blessed with a vision and if you don't see one then yer heart isn't open, his clinic can help you to open yer heart. Santa used a similar excuse about the third world, "Oh they didn't say 'excuse you' after someone sneezed and they don't eat up all their dinners so no presents for them."

Well there is no fool like a holy fool, you have to fall for it in order to believe. Yes you are all horrible sinners but if you fill up my church once a week and do as I say you'll get a nice big fat reward when you die .................. a lot of funting good that will do then. I want a woman with blowjob lips who'll stick her finger up me hole while I'm alive.

Coleman on the left with some other twat looking for the sun.

When about 10,000 morons who lack faith and had to see proof turned up to stare at the sun they saw a miracle, the sun! yep its not often the sun shines but it broke through the clouds as if Gog himself was guiding it and more than that it was glowing!

No one else saw the pretty white 35 year-old looking woman in robes that Coleman saw but he did say she appeared and spoke, she said "Buy the box set DVD collection of Battlestar Galactica because its frakking cool."

Go to Knock but be warned the B&B's are full up and Mary McDonnell will only be doing matinee shows.

Old Knudsen went outside and stared at the sun like ya do, he was surrounded by an intense light and heat and his face got a holy reddish glow that hurt when touched. Don't believe me or 10,000 other people dumb enough to stare into the sun go and do it now! for the best results use binoculars and after an hour punch yerself for being a mong.


Fat Sparrow said...

"Oh my darlin', knock three times on the ceiling if you want me; twice on the pipe if the answer is no... oh my sweetness means you'll meet me in the hallway, twice on the pipe means you ain't gonna show...

If you look out your window tonight
pulling the string with the note that's attached to my heart, read how many times I saw you, how in my silence I adored you, and only in my dreams did that wall between us come apart..."

I think the 70's were good to someone. Just say it ain't so already, Joe.

WV was "rameno." Feel His Noodley Majesty's wrath at the false apparitions!

MJ said...

Fat Sparrow: Tony Orlando approves of your comment.

Fat Sparrow said...

Oh my gods, I clicked on a link from MJ and did not need to pour bleach in my eyes! I believe that's the second sign of the coming apocalypse! :::still needs brain bleach from cake video link:::

Sneppoc Einnod said...

After the virgin part of Mary's story was added to the myth it really got some traction. If the early writers had done their homework they could have been out of the gate much quicker.