Monday, 16 November 2009

Human Vending Machines

In the 21st century we have amazing technology and can do things like the invisibility coat above.

We can make semi attractive weemen seem hot.

Music out of no where in those Ipoddy things.

Bluetooths with frikking laser beams on them.

We can travel in time and space in out of date police phone boxes, well I can.

Computer keyboards can be beamed onto table tops or the arse of some hot chick, it could revive blogging which is so over.

But why oh why can these brainful people not make cum a flavour that weemen crave? They might fancy a taco from Taco Bell but its closed so you can pop a pill and have taco flavoured jizz, want hat sass? cumming right up. Or never mind a box of chocolates my splurge tastes like a Terry's chocolate orange.

Old Knudsen wants weemen to say, " I wouldn't mind some salt and vinegar flavoured cum right now" then we men wouldn't have to use guilt by saying, "if you loved me you would" or we'd save money on inhibition lowering alcohol. daytime TV shows are making it harder and harder to trick weemen into touching yer love pole.

For weemen giving up smoking a tea spoon of moldy ashtray squirted at you may just keep you going and give you a new oral fixation .

You can tell what scientists aren't thinking about, if a woman's stench trench tasted like pork scratchings I'd be doon there for hours so it would work both ways, just go on watching East Enders love I fancy a snack without the calories.

For environmentalists they could flavour their shite so they could recycle. Why is it that Old Knudsen has to cum up with all the great ideas? I suppose once you work in a CIA think tank you just never leave.

Do you like chicken? well my cock tastes fowl.


Fat Sparrow said...

"Invisibility coat"? Your woman up there does know that only works when she's standing in front of a green screen, right? And if you can make one Chinese person disappear, why can't you... Oh, right, the Chinese government has already done that, repeatedly. Ha, that's what it is, when their relatives disappear, the Chinese government can just blame the coats!

Anonymous said...

In South America it worked all years long without some damn coats.

(WV: flyloo)

Old Knudsen said...

See how the flavoured cum issue is side stepped? the man has you all well trained ya bungalows.

northern musings said...

There I was about to make the inane comment - Knudsen - you are brilliant.... who needs cloaks of invisibility???? Chocolate - belgian ofcourse would be perfect... or in the cold a hot chocolate variety?

Donn said...

This is an ageless comeundumb that I certainly don't have anything intelligent to say about because I don't know what other guys pudknocking tastes like.

Mine is apparently sort of a Moca-hazelnut-chocolate-almondy combo.
Jeez how bad could that be?

If I wasn't trapped in this infernal iron condom recovering from my vasectomy 11 months ago...I'd be chugging the stuff!