Sunday, 8 November 2009

Halloween Came And So Did Old Knudsen

It may be a tad late but Old Knudsen does not give a frug. Here are some pics taken by Old Knudsen himself on Halloween. I like to help out at community centres as they do not know of my past convictions, yes Old Knudsen is a man of conviction.

A scary doll thing for sure but not as scary as the gurl wearing undersized clothes. What is it with the wog type Yanks they either wear over baggy clothes and think they look cool showing off their underwear as their trousers fall doon or they wear tight tops showing their rolls of fat?

Speaking of fat this convict would get more than sweet tasting candy in prison.

If you ever had a wank over Barbara Eden in I dream of genie this should put a stop to that. Sorry I couldn't get close enough for you to see her stretch marks.

The jester was ficking creepy and that is a real baby he is holding no wonder 98% of Americans are in therapy. The Star Wars kid beside him is actually black wearing a white Anakin Skywalker mask, Michael Jackson wasn't the only coloured to aspire to be white, a sad statement on society.

Of course there were babes, you should have seen this MILF from the front, yep almost as good as the back. I think she came as a NASCAR hoor and her man as Bruce Springsteen?

I hope little Brittany got plenty of candy, has she never heard of vomiting after eating? What the funt is she? ...................... besides a fat wee shite.

Old Knudsen later went on the prowl to pick off some stragglers. The pair of lasses here noticed me taking pictures, sorry its blurred as I was using one hand to take the pics. They put on a show for Old Knudsen by making out, those shots are well blurry so sorry.


tony said...

The Perfect Christmas present for the Knudsden in your life.

Anonymous said...

FAt kids?


Donn met twee n's said...

The pursuit of happiness is becoming self evident. Gog bless those Boomer Parents and their little League Of Entitlement brats...every soccer match ends ina draw and everyone is a winner!!

Cybercaptain said...

Can't stop laughing, so funny :D