Thursday, 5 November 2009

Destroy The BNP

Can you tell Old Knudsen who the most hated man in the world is? Its not Old Knudsen as everyone loves him especially yer Ma.

Old Knudsen does know who the most hated man in Britain is and its not Simon Cowell.

Nick Griffin an English toff who has had a long history with the neo-Nazi fascist group The National Front or NF. Jigga jigga jigga pull that trigga kill that nigga join the National front!

He split from them starting up splinter groups and then finally became Chairman for The British Nationalist Party or BNP.

The BNP has had funding from many well off people and has risen in popularity in Britain probably due to the thousands of Slav immigrants and asylum seekers in the UK. Much like the backlash the Mexicans have suffered in the USA.

Old Knudsen understands the need for poor people to want their families to have a better life, if yer family had no food or home but you could get it in another country what would you do?

Griffin is a holocaust denier though he changes his point of views to suit, he also hates Muslims and doesn't see anyone who isn't white as British even though they were born and lived there. He wants to close the borders and tag everyone in the UK to see who is there.

The US and the UK do this to a point with social security and national insurance numbers but what does he want to do put them into cages and staple a label onto their ears and ship out the unwanted ones?

Griffin's dad was a Conservative politician who was involved in the NF, he flew a bomber in World War II and Nick thinks that this can in no way make him a fascist because his dad served.

Old Knudsen is ashamed that the BNP has gotten anywhere in the UK but with Hitler and with Obama the desperate people look for change and hope, whether they get it is another matter.

The BNP have used military veterans to further their cause and have suggested that if Churchill was alive he'd have joined the BNP. Disgusting and stupid, so many died fighting against fascists with the same ideals as the BNP and Churchill would have seen them for what they were as he did Germany and Russia long before they became total funts.

Nick Griffin is a one eyed rabble rousing front man for haters and if you have time please denounce him and his party on yer blogs, Facebook or Twitter because like ants when one or two turn up soon you have an invasion.

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Cathy said...

My UK pals regale me with horrid tales of the BNP. Obama as you know turned out to be a puppet. His masters groomed him well - he got the job didn't he? What a farce. Your country, mine, all over the planet we need healing, help, and inspiring leaders. Good post young man.